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Yes this is far to much.

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Q: How often can an amateur boxer compete - Is a possible 5 times in 2 months too much?
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What eye sight do you have to have to be an amateur boxer?

We need to have a good eye sight in a amateur boxer contest so that you will not lose in any challenge of boxing.

Where is the weakest point on a amateur boxer?


How much does an amateur bantamweight boxer make?

An amateur is a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.

Is it good start amateur boxing at the age of twenty four?

Start as early as possible, but remember that you do not want to get boxer's dementia from too many hits in the head

What musician was an amateur boxer before hitting it big as an entertainer?

Billy Joel

Was Geraldo Rivera an amateur boxer in his youth?

Yes, Geraldo Rivera was an amateur boxer when he was younger. Rivera was born on July 4, 1943 in New York City. He is married to Erica Levy and they have one child together.

Why did Michael carbajal start boxing?

Michael's father, Manuel, was an amateur boxer, and it inspired Michael as a child to become a boxer like his dad.

What is the history of amateur norwich boxer tiger hatch?

looking for any details of norwich boxer in the 1930s, possibly know as "Tiger" Hatch

What boxer knocked out his opponent in the first amateur boxing match?

Hugo hornstein of west London

Who was Black amateur boxer Steve applebury in 1972?

"Boxer" as he is known, currently lives in Cincinnati, OH. In the late 50's, he fought and lost to Casius Clay.

What is the starting age for boxing.i praveen 24yrs 171cm i am interesting to learn it possible at this age.and i want to partipate in it suitable or not.tell me.?

Amateur boxing has a minimum age that states that you must be at least 11 years old to compete, but there is no minimum training age When a boxer reaches his 34th birthday, he will no longer be allowed to box, and his ME3 must be returned to his Association for cancellation. source:

How often does a boxer have pups?

a boxer should only have pupies twice every four months