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Q: How often are the America's Cup races held?
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In which city will the 2007 Americas Cup Races be held?

Valencia, Spain. First time the America's Cup has gone to Eurpe in 150 years.

Why are there no Sprint Cup races on Sundays?

The majority of Sprint Cup Series races are held on Sunday. The remaining Cup races are held on Saturday nights.

How often are the Americas cup held?

They are held every few years. The next America's Cup Race will be held in San Francisco, California in 2013 and plans are already well underway.

How many times has the Americas Cup been held?


Where are the Adelaide cup races held?

Adelaide jks probs though

Where is the mountain bike World Cup held?

There are multiple UCI World Cup races in various countries around the world. It is a series of races, not a single event.

Where was the America's Cup held in 2002?

The America's Cup wasn't held in 2002, it was held in 2003 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Louis Vuitton Regatta, the qualification races for the America's Cup, was held in 2002 also in Auckland.

How often is the African cup held?

The African cup is held every two years.

How often is the Ryder Cup held?

The Ryder Cup is held every two years.

What are some sailboat races?

Americas Cup. Tall Ships. Fastnet Race. There are many regattas where lots of races take place for various classes of boats.

When do the Breeder's Cup races start?

The Breeder's Cup races will be held over two days this year, October 26 and October 27, at Monmouth Park in Occeanside, New Jersey.

What city in Australia held the Americas cup?

The 1987 America's Cup, staged in Fremantle by Royal Perth Yacht Club

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