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There are many things that go into calculating the Fifa world rankings. They are updated on a yearly basis based on a specific point system that has been used for years.

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Q: How often are Fifa world rankings updated?
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What is the best soccer country in the world in order?

The answer to this changes all the time as the world rankings are regularly updated. Check the FIFA website for details.

Where does Nigeria stand on the FIFA World rankings?

As of 26 May, 2010, Nigeria is ranked 21st in the world. This ranking will be updated on the 14 July, 2010, with the conclusion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Where are Scotland in FIFA world rankings?

Scotland are 47th in the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings as of 17th October.

Where are Glasgow rangers in the FIFA world rankings?

i dont think its in fifa world ranking

Where are celticfc in the FIFA rankings?

celticfc are first in the fifa rankings as they are clearly the best team in the world they are just simply amazing

What is the FIFA World Cup 2010 rankings?

The rankings are Brazil, Italy Spain France and Holland.

What is India's ranking in latest FIFA world Rankings?


How does Germany rank in the FIFA World Cup?

6th place according to the recent and current fifa rankings.

How many international soccer teams in the world?

There are 207 teams in the FIFA World rankings.

What is the ranking of the Turkish soccer league in FIFA world ranking?

Turkey is 44th in the FIFA World rankings, unchanged from last year (2012).

Who is at the top in World Cup?

In the current FIFA/Coca-Cola world rankings Spain is atop the list. Spain was also the champion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What is the 2009 FIFA world ranking of the Haitian national football team?

As of Decomber 2009, Haiti National Football Club were 90th in the FIFA World Rankings.

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