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If you are looking to rent a suite for a game at Cowboys Stadium, then we have access to several owners that look to offset the cost of their annual investments.

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Suites are a great way to entertain clients or employees. You can also host parties such as Birthdays, Graduations, Wedding Parties, Bachelor/Bacherlorette Parties.

If you are interested in renting a suite for any event at Cowboys Stadium for any Cowboys game, College game or concert, then please email us your contact info at

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Any where from 35 to 100 Depends how close you want to be, buy the ticket before getting there, cash parking is a little ways down

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Q: How much would it cost to rent out the Dallas Cowboys stadium?
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How much money did the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard cost?

The scoreboard in Cowboys Stadium cost $40 million.

How much did the Dallas Cowboys new Stadium cost?

The Cowboys stadium costs about an estimated 1.2 billion dollars. There stadium is huge.

How much does cowboys stadium cost?

1.2 billion

How much does the cowboys stadium cost?

about 3.8 million dolars

How much did the Dallas Cowboys jumbotron cost?

42 million

What is the average cost of a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt?

The average cost of most Dallas Cowboys sweatshirts is about $50. The majority of the shirts are between the prices of $40 and $80. So the average is $50.

What is the most expenisive stadium in the world?

Since this is Football I am going only with NFL stadiums. and that would be Cowboys Stadium. The estimated cost was 1.3 Billion dollars.

How much did the new cowboys stadium cost?

1.8 Billion Dollars

How much did it cost for the dallas cowboys jumbo screen?

12.3 billion dollas

How much did cowboys stadium cost?

it was supposed to cost between $10k and $25k

How much does a sky-box cost at the new cowboys stadium?

The world's largest video screen, an 11,200 square-foot Mitsubishi Electric HDTV television above the playing field at Cowboys Stadium, cost an estimated $40 million. It stretches between the 20-yard lines of the stadium that was opened in 2009.

Who is stadium is bigger cowboys or redskins?

obviously the cowboy's because theirs cost over a billion dollars