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Footballs featuring the genuine Autographs of the 60's-era Packers are highly sought by collectors. Presuming authenticity, values can range dramatically. Key factors are: the placement, size and clarity of the the star players' signatures (the bigger and bolder, the better), the type of ball (is it an "Official NFL" ball?), and the all-important overall condition of the ball and signatures. "Provenance" - the who, what, when and where of a signed ball's history, may also add value if documented. If genuine, your ball would be worth $500 to as much as $750, depending on all the aforementioned factors. An absolutely pristine official ball with Lombardi would be worth as much as as $1000. With autographs, a picture is truly worth the proverbial thousand words, and can save alotta time in the authentication, appraisal, and selling process.

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Q: How much would an official size NFL football signed by the 1968 Green Bay Packers be worth?
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