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any where from like $35 or $40 bucks up to almost $200 or $300.

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Q: How much would a softball mitt cost?
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Is there a difference in a baseball catcher's mitt and a softball catcher's mitt?

not much.. a softball mit has a bigger webbing bc of the ball size other than that its basiclly same

How much would in cost to play softball?

30-60$ to play little leauge

What is the difference between a softball mitt and a baseball mitt?

each mitt is designed for that particular sport. the major difference is the size of the pocket (surface area of anterior exterior portion aka. palm, fingers, & web), a baseball pocket tends to be much smaller than a softball pocket. with in each sport depending on the position played the mitt can very dramatically.

How much would it cost to fix a hole in a wall the size of a softball?


How much would it cost to build a softball field?

making a new ball field can cost anywhere from $15,000 to millions.

How much would everything cost for softball?

The bat can cost up to $200 at the least. Then if you would like a decent glove, its about $50. Then you need a softball bag ($40) and depending on what position you play, it could be more. But these are the basics.

How much does pro softball training cost?

it cost me 3000 pounds for 6 months when i did it

How much does a softball cost?

Why dont you go the the wal-mart and find out..?

Why do softball bats cost so much and what are they made out of?

They're lightwieght and made of sluminum.

How much is it to play softball?

The cost depends on what kind of glove, bat and other required equipment you get

How much does 1 softball bat cost?

Depends if you get a cheap bat ($30.00) or a stealth ($200.00)

Why does a foam softball seem much lighter than a normal softball?

why does a foam softball seeem much lighter than a normal softball

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