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Q: How much would a 1968 European final ticket stub be worth?
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How much would a European Cup Final Program and ticket receipt 1968 be worth?


How much would an original 1968 man utd v benfica European cup final ticket stub be worth?

i wish to sell this record i need to know how to go about it and what it is worth

How much was a 1967 European cup final ticket?

I estimate that it would cost roughly 72,563. I have one if you want it?

How much would an original 1968 Man Utd vs Benfica European cup final Recording be worth?

about $3000

What is the value of a Celtic European cup final 1967 programme signed by the starting 11 and the assistant manager?

Well without the signatures its worth around £130 with all the signatures it would be worth alot more, do you have it?

What would a ticket from the 1943 army navy game be worth?

Is it a full ticket or a stub? That makes a difference on the value.

What is a 1999 nhl Stanley cup finals ticket stub worth?

NO one would but a ticket stub. Sorry.

What would an uncash winning ticket for affirmed be worth?


How much is an unused 1966 signed world cup ticket worth?

It is worth many $$$, depends on which sport world cup ticket it is. I would advise you list it on ebay auction.

How much would an original 1968 Man Utd vs Benfica European cup final programme be worth?

£10 in mint condition, less than £5 in poor condition

What is the 1984 Jackson victory tour ticket worth?

It is worth as much money as anybody who would like to sell it but i advise you you should keep that ticket in years to come it will be worth even more money. The ticket could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars maybe even a million, but check Craigs List and place an ad

Is a souvenir ticket from the 1901 Pan American Exposition worth anything?

Does anyone know how much a Pan American Expo ticket , never used in good condition would be worth, or how to find out.

What is a ticket to the 2007 ALCS in Boston worth?

The cheapest ticket that would get you to an ALCS Red Sox game is about $450 for a standing room only.

How much would a man utd v benfica 1968 European cup final 45 vinyl record sell for?

How much would a man utd v benfica 1968 european cup final 45 vinyl record sell for?

How much is a 1939 FA cup final programme worth with ticket stub.?

Hi a collect programmes and i would pay £250 for both however in both mint u are looking for 700 and bad just 180

How much would programme and ticket for football England v Scotland 1953 be worth?


What would a Elvis Presley unused concert ticket for Sept 20 1977 be worth?


How much would a Shirley Temple Black autograph on a concord ticket be worth?

599 dollars

What would a 1996 dallas vs. Washington redskin ticket be worth signed by emmit smith?

It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

If your grade in a class is a 60 and your final exam is worth 30 percent what would you have to score on the final to get a 70 or better in the class?


How much would a ticket stub for the Celtic v inter milan final 1967 cost?

Around 20,000 pounds sterling.

What is a ticket from Michael Jordan's last home game worth?

That's an interesting question. Is it a Bulls ticket or a Wizards ticket? If you are talking about his last Washington Wizards appearences, you are probably going to get very little for it. The Wizards sucked and playing for them turned out to be an embarrassment to Jordan. The last game he played in Chicago? Was that game memorable? I would think maybe that that would fetch more money, but I honestly think that it is still not worth much, maybe $5 or so. I could be wrong. Is the ticket a used ticket? If you have any unused tickets, I would put them away for about 30 years and then try to sell them. Why don't you go online and see if there are any ticket collector sites.

What is a 1947 Scottish Cup Final program worth?

What would the value be if this was signed by both teams?

What the opposite of single ticket?

The obvious answer would be a double ticket. On the other hand, the less obvious answer would be no ticket.

How much would a NFC championship ticket 1986 be worth?

Around $120 if its authentic 40.00 if its a replica