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I'm guessing...400 dollars?

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Q: How much will a Stephen strasburg rookie card be worth in 20 years?
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How old is Stephen Strasburg?

Stephen Strasburg is 28 years old (birthdate: July 20, 1988).

Who much does a Calvin Johnson rookie card worth?

it can be worth thousands in 20-30 years

How much would a Eli Manning rookie card be worth in 20 years?

Only time can tell.

When does Stephen Strasburg's contract end?

After he was drafted in 2009 he signed a 4-year deal ending 2014. He is still obligated to complete 6 years of service time before becoming a free agent, which will happen after the 2017 season

What is Bobby Orr's Rookie Card that was taken in 1965 when he was 17 years old doing a guest appearance as a Toronto Marlie Worth?

Orr's rookie card is the 1966 Topps #35.

What year was Jim browns rookie years?

Jim Browns rookie years was 1957

How much is a Hanley Ramírez rookie baseball card worth?

about $1 dollar but in ten years after he retires it will go way up

How much is a tyreke evans and Stephen Curry jersey card worth?

Maybe in 5 years it'll be worth 20,000 pennies for the lot

What was Kevin garnett's rookie contract?

6 years, 126 million $. Actually the highest rookie contract ever was Glenn Robinson's rookie deal 10 years, $68 million, in 1994, Leading to a rookie cap. But KG's rookie deal was 3 years, $5.6 million.

Are you a rookie for 3 years in the NFL?

no you onnly have one rookie season

How much is a Jeff skinner rookie card woth?

It would be worth around $200 at this time but later (10-15 years) it would be worth around $10-15 grand.

How old Shaquille O'Neal when he got rookie?

shaq 20 years when was a rookie .