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Q: How much will Manchester City receive as the winner of English Premier League 2011-2012 get?
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Prize Money for the 2009/2010 Premier League Season.Chelsea - £16,000,000 (WINNERS)Manchester United - £15,200,000Arsenal - £14,400,000Totenham Hotspur - £13,600,000Manchester City - £12,800,000Aston Villa - £12,000,000Liverpool - £11,200,000Everton - £10,400,000Birmingham - £9,600,000Blackburn - £8,800,000Stoke - £8,000,000Fulham - £7,200,000Sunderland - £6,400,000Bolton - £5,600,000Wolves - £4,800,000Wigan - £4,000,000West Ham - £3,200,000Burnley - £2,400,000Hull - £1,600,000Portsmouth - £800,000The 2009/2010 Premier League season saw a rise of around 5% with regards to how much each club will earn for their final position in the league table. Chelsea will receive a huge £16 million in prize money for winning the Premiership title and each club below them will receive £800,000 less than the club above them.

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