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you should be able to bench your own weight.

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Q: How much weight should a 118 lb man bench press to start?
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How much should a 240 lb man bench press to start?

you should be able to bench your own weight.

How much should you bench press if you are 14 years old and weigh 125 pounds?

well if you are a starter start of at 65-80 pounds. but if you bench press all the time you should bench your own weight Shawn c, cvms civics class behing brook l

How much should a 210 lb 31 year old man be able to bench press?

i think that he should start off with 100 lbs but in the end, he should be able to bench 200. some where near his weight.

How much should a 300 lb man bench press to start?

225lb warm up

How do you start weight lifting at 16?

Start by using light weight and do all core movements. Bench press, squat, deadlift are the big three. For the first year you should focus on doing the exercise correctly in a rep range of 8-12.

How do you increase weight when working out?

You must start out with a set of weights you can work with and gradually increase the weight as the days go by. For example, if you start of working out with 150 pounds on a bench press then eventually as the days go by you should increase the weight up to 5 to 10 more pounds.

How much weight should an 8 year old bench press with?

Actually, an 8 year old should not be bench pressing any weight. This is very dangerous to young kids, as weightlifting could lead to an abnormality in their growth. For instance, the kid might be very short while he should have actually been on the taller side.It would be healthy to start bench pressing at ages 11-12.

What should a 175 pound 18 year old male bench?

Start at 80% of your weight and work your way up. I weight 175 and I can only do about 175 but my work out buddy weights 180 and can bench 300... so start at 80% which is 140.

How much should a 12 year old be able to bench press?

you are suppose to bench ypur own weight is the fact if u can ur healthy, less, out of shape, more, stong n healthy. im 12 and weigh at 90 pounds and height at 4' 10". so the person that says that he can bench 155 to 160 it depends on your weight n size. a lil skinny kid should bench your own weight if you bench more then your own weight you healthy and strong. i bench 160 but i benched 178 before but my brothers friend helped me i know that. but i am 90 pounds that is about 70 lbs over n your only suppose to bench your own weight so that's good. I'm 12 years old, and a lot of people say you should NOT start lifting until you reach 13 years of age... i disagree, any way i can bench press 155 or 160. That is above average, but I'm also a little bigger than average. A skinny 12 year old should be able to bench press about 90-100, average 12 year old 110-130, and bigger 12 year old 140-165.

How much should a 14 year old bench press?

I just turned 15 like 10 days ago and i bench 205 It doesn't matter the age you should start at were your comfortable at then work your way up in weight you want to tone your body use lower weight with higher reps you want to gain bulk and look bigger increase the weight and do less reps. Actually I am 14 and I bench 145 but that's because I work out a lot and eat a lot of meat and protein etc.

How do you know how much you bench press?

you start off with a low weight and then add weight a little at a time until u can only do a minimum of 5 reps, and always have some one to spot you for safety reasons.

I bench 170. what can i do to get my bench max up fast?

If you take in 1/2 your body weight in protein every day and eat a lot of food to gain weight than your bench will go up, if you start losing weight your bench will not go up. Also you should work on your upper back and triceps a lot too so you get a lot of power off the bottom.

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