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20 lbs

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Q: How much weight has Serena Williams lost?
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How much did Serena Williams win at Wimbledon 2012?

how much money did serena williams win in the 2012 wimbledon

How much is Serena Williams worth?

With contracts and sponsors, Serena Williams makes over $146,000,000 (million) dollars.

How much weight can some female celebrities bench press?

Cameron Diaz = 185lbs Jennifer Lopez= 165lbs Serena Williams = 225lbs Kelly Ripa = 155lbs

How much did Serena Williams make today?

27 grand

How much money does Serena Williams make?

$30 Million

How much is Serena and Venus Williams worth?

100 million

How much did Serena Williams bought Miami Dolphins?


How much money did Serena Williams make?

$18,275,522, not including sponsorships

How much is Serena Williams salary?

8 million dollars a year

How much does Serena Williams make?

Depends how well she does in all of the competitons over the year :)

How much money Serena Williams got for 2010 Australian Open?

2.325.000 Australian Dollars

How much was Serena Williams paid for winning the Women's Singles at Wimbledon 2010?

£630,000 or $951,300.

How much money did Serena Williams get for second place in US Open?

Six billion rupies

How much does Serena Williams currently weigh?

deuce... deuce and a half maybe

What made Serena Williams start playing tennis?

Her period ! She hated it so much she decides to belt some balls

How much does Jennifer Williams weight?


How much does Serena Williams weigh?

According to Serena Williams' official Wimbledon profile, she weighs 150 pounds (68kg). She is 5'9" and plays right handed.

Famous people who lived in Compton?

dr.dre eazy-e prett much NWA. venus and Serena Williams and rapper the game.

How much does Venus Williams weight?

205 lbs

How much weight has rance allen lost?


Did Serena Williams have a breast reduction?

I've watched the Williams sister when they had white beads in their hair. I love them both. Serena is much muscular then Venus. She also had very large breaststroke. With the outfits she wore u could always see her cleavage. Always notice her chest. Now u barely notice them. Smallest element on her body. Whatever she did she looks great. Good luck in the Australian open. I'm watching.

How much have you lost in weight from 70kg to 69.1 kg?

You have lost 900 grams.

How to motivate a person to lose weight?

How much weight is to be lost is the first question..

How can you make a cat gain weight if she has lost a lot of weight but not sure why?

Take her to the vet and find out WHY she lost so much weight. Forcing weight-gain is not going to solve the underlying problem.

Does weight loss affect bra size?

maybe, it depends on how much weight you lost