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It varies due to the ratio of fat and muscle mass. But 10lbs can be lost for the bigger players. Re Hydration is the key to all activities.

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Q: How much weight does the average basketball player lose in one game?
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How many miles does the average basketball player run in a game?

An average basketball player runs about 5 miles in a basketball game!

How many points does an average basketball player score a game?


How much does an average basketball player get every game?

10 points

How much money does a professional basketball player a game?

The salary of a professional basketball player varies by team. The average salary of a pro basketball player is $5.5 million.

What is the highest NBA scoring average for a bench player?

The highest average of basketball is 14 points a game for a benched player.

How many miles does a professional basketball player run in a game?

The average professional basketball player runs 5 miles in a game! Crazy, right? I know!!------Cassandra Lee

How far does an NBA player run in an average basketball game?

On average, NBA players run about 3 miles per game.

What does MPT mean in basketball stats?

MPG means Minutes Per Game. Essentially, it is the average number of minutes played by a basketball player every game.

What is the average running speed of a basketball player?

There average running speed of a basketball player is 21.5 miles per hour. Some run slower and other faster than this depending on the speed of the game.

What is the average distance a college basketball player runs in a game?

2 miles From Principal Barnoldy Harlodson ----

How much does the average basketball player make per game?

50,000dollars per game but it depends on the team and how many people come

What is the average Number of possessions in basketball game?


Average European basketball players' salary?

Actually depends on the skill of the player and his points per game assists per game and rebounds per game ratio... id say average basketball player in Europe earns about 1~million euros and the richest salary is Josh Childress 10 milions usd per season

How long is the average professional basketball game?

The length of an average pro basketball game is 48 minutes, 12 minutes per every 4 quarters.

How many fouls before a basketball player leaves the court?

5 fouls is when a basketball player will be kicked out of a basketball game due to fouling out.

How much do basketball player sweat in a game?

they dont

Who was the first player to dunk a basketball in a professional basketball game?

Kyle (BOY) George

What does ppg average stand for in basketball?

points per game

What is the average number of rebounds in a college basketball game?


What does PAPG stand for in basketball?

Points Average Point Game

Who is the most famous basketball player in history?

The most famous basketball player in the history of the game is undoubtedly Michael Jordan.

Which basketball players have perfect games?

No basketball player has a perfect game. There is always room for improvement.

What is the foul called when a player is kicked out of the basketball game?


When can a substitution be made in basketball?

when your in a stoppage of the game and you take a player out

Total fouls in the basketball game?

5 per player