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Five pounds.

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Q: How much weight does a driver lose in an average Nascar race?
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What is the average weight loss for a Nascar driver?

they can lose 4 pounds if they are not proparly hydrated in a race

How much weight does a Nascar driver lose during a race?

I've heard they lose about 10 pounds a race.

Do Nascar drivers lose weight during a race?

Yes. A Nascar driver can lose between 5-10 pounds, between the warm weather outside and the extreme heat in the race car.

How much sweat does a Nascar driver lose in a race?

5-10 pounds

Who was the last driver to lose his life during a NASCAR race?

The last driver to lose his life in a NASCAR race was Dale Earnhardt Sr. Since that time they have improved safety with safer barriers and the HANS device.

How many pounds does a nascar driver lose in a single race?

10-15 pounds

How do you easily lose fat in a week?

Swimming is the ultimate work out, or you can be a nascar driver. lose up to 20 pounds per race.

Why does the F1 driver lose weight after a single race?

a f1 driver loses weight during driving becxause they are pushing hard on pedals etc... it hurts to drive like that so they sweat and lose weight every race.

What is the average weight of a 5'5 15-year old girl?

your average weight is 71kgs (156.2 lbs) if your weight is more than this average weight becomes better for you to lose extra weight

On weekly average how much weight can you lose using a hypothyroidism diet?

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition and not a diet. Hypothyroidism prevents people from losing weight. Therefore on average people do not lose weight if they have hypothyroidism.

What is the average weight in Portugal for a man?

120 pounds, you need to lose weight, fatty.

Do bulimics lose weight if they don't binge?

Bulimia is not a way to lose weight, it is a mental disorder that ruins your life, destroys your body, and most of the time, results in weight gain. Most bulimics are average weight if not over weight. It is not a way to lose weight.

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