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350 lbs

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โˆ™ 2012-06-29 10:19:42
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Q: How much weight can retired nba star Larry Johnson bench press?
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How much does Dwayne the Rock Johnson bench?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has said his maximum weight on the bench press is 425lbs

How much does Andre Johnson bench press?

How much weight does super man bench? That's the equivalent

190 lbs body weight What is a good bench?

bench your weight

What can Bench Press?

you should bench your weight or more

Do you know a Weight bench workout?

I use a dumbells and weight bench ONLY routine.

What is the best weight bench set on a budget?

The Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Weight Bench appears to be the best weight bench at an affordable price especially being as how it is multi functional, however is you just want a simple weight bench there is also the Elite Fitness Deluxe Standard Weight Bench.

How much can Dwayne Johnson bench press?

Dwayne Johnson, also know as 'The Rock' has been known to bench press 425lbs.

What weight can a York fitness bench withstand during bench presses?

The York fitness bench can withstand a large a mount of weight. When in the bench press position it can withstand up to four-hundred pounds of weight.

What can Larry Allen bench press?

700 pounds just to educate, this 700 pound bench press was a wide-grip, shallow-range, assisted bench press with no official judges witnessing it. It is a popular number for Larry Allen fans to throw around, but the truth is it's not legitemate. A more realistic number for big Larry to bench press with decent form and no 'spotters' helping to move the weight would be 550-600 pounds. I would have a hard time believing that he could do 650 on his own, let alone 700.

What is the average weight a 165 pound male can bench press?

You should be able to bench your own weight.

What is the average weight bench and squat for a college linebacker?

you should at least be able to bench body weight, and squat 1.5x body weight. Competitive players bench 2x body weight, and squat 3.5x. -EXSS major

Where should I purchase my weight bench?

Sears is a good place to purchase a weight bench and you can find a Sears store nationwide. The following website should assist you with your purchase of a weight bench:

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