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chris bosh is the best Basketball player in the world and Aaron Hill is the best Baseball player in the world

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Q: How much water do golf courses use?
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How much water do golf courses use on average in a year?

More water than all of Africa can afford.

How much water does an average golf course use in a day?


How do you use the word lake in a sentence?

There are two golf courses both overlooking the lake.

How much water dose a golf course use on average?

35 million gallons per year.

Why does a golf course make so much pollution?

Golf courses are an unnatural ecosystem that can be maintained by large amounts of fertilizers, weedkillers and pesticides. All of these chemical can leach into surface or groundwater to cause significant pollution. Golf courses are generally seeded with grasses that do not grow naturally in the area, They must be supported by copious use of water depleting local reservoirs. The open terrain of a golf course usually does not support native birds or insects. The lack of these communities can impact a large area of the surrounding land.

Do most golf courses ban cleats now?

No but some do it's best to use soft spikes.

Do they still use wind mills?

yes they do. it can be used as a decoration/obstacle on miniature golf courses. I would use one to power my home

Can you use your backwash pool water in your garden?


Are Flymo hover mowers available in the US?

I do not think so; golf courses use them around bunkers, and build them from parts or order them from UK or Europe.

Do you use golf nets to cover your golf clubs when not in use?

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

Eco-friendly Recreation?

Advances in the technologies of irrigation and agriculture have produced a number of eco-friendly golf courses. Previously, golf courses were notorious for using an abundance of water and chemical treatments to keep the appearance of an oasis. Recent revelations over the importance of environmental consciousness have led a number of courses to commit to new grounds keeping practices. There are some agriculture experiments being done to determine the best way to keep a golf course lush without polluting the environment on which it sits, by integrating many natural elements into a course design. Implementation of new grounds keeping techniques as well as course architects focusing on natural elements will go a long way towards resolving the dilemma of golf course upkeep and its ecological consequences. Several different types of golf courses are generally designed for use, and style can vary by region and climate. Some golf courses are easier to maintain under eco-friendly guidelines due to their location and layout. Most of the older golf courses in Western Europe are built into their natural surroundings without much modification of the land. Known as links courses, the layout of these designs runs along the hills on which the course sits, relieving the region of any massive excavation that might have otherwise been necessary for development. Golf courses built in beach communities and desert environments are the main culprits of ecological detriment. For many of the wetlands and dry areas where golf courses are built, it is necessary to either drain water regularly to keep land dry or pump massive amounts of water onto dry ground to create green space. In addition to the irrigation and drainage implications of a desert or beach course, excavation is necessary to cut the course out and lay irrigation below for constant moisture in a desert environment, or to build up above the sea level for courses built into low country or wetland areas. Some of the technologies being developed to help farmers minimize their impact on the natural environment are being integrated into golf course design, creating research in each business that is symbiotic and promising. Golf courses should represent healthy outdoor spaces as opposed to draining the land of its natural grace.

Where would one find a golf course in Spartanburg South Carolina?

You could go to your town square or use Google Maps in order to find a golf course near Spartanburg, South Carolina. Just do a search on Google Maps for "Golf courses near Spartanburg".

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