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Wayne Rooney transferred from Everton to Manchester United in 2001 for £2.5million

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Q: How much was Wayne Rooney transfer fee?
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When did Wayne Rooney sign for Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney was signed by Manchester United from Everton in August 2004. At the time, the fee of £25.6 million was the highest transfer fee paid for a player under the age of 20.

Highest ever football transfer fee for a teenager?

25.6 million pounds for an 18 year old Wayne Rooney in 2004.

Will Wayne Rooney join Chelsea?

Yes he will join chelsea for a fee worth £30-£40 million

When did Wayne Rooney leave everton?

Wayne Rooney left Everton for Manchester United in the summer transfer market of 2004 for a reported fee of 25.6 million pounds, beating Newcastle's reported 20 million pound bid. This was also the highest ever sum payed for a player under 20 as he was 18 years old at the time.

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