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Q: How much trophies have Liverpool won since 1989?
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Are Everton fc better than Liverpool fc?

Statistically, no. Liverpool have more trophies and bigger names at their club. Also, Liverpool has a much richer history. Most of the time, Liverpool finishes above Everton on the league table, however in the last two seasons ('12 and 13') that has not been the case. Both teams have much promise for the 2013-2014 season though, so we will see how things progress through the future.

How much trophies does Ryan giggs have for wales?

After playing for 18 years the Welshman achieve no trophies for his national team.

How much trophies won by Barcelona fc?


How much money did Liverpool buy Steven Gerrard for?

They didnt, he started at liverpool :)

How much is it to get into Liverpool muesem?

its free

Why is Liverpool FC bad in your opinion?

Liverpool is bad because they haven't won the Premier League title since 1991. Manchester United has won it 11 times ever since. Liverpool rely too much on key players who aren't all that great. Liverpool are rubbish without Gerrard, Alonzo and Torres, yet you could say the same about any club. The definitive reason is rafa and his bloody squad rotation. It only ever works at a club where you have a good depth in squad (like man u) - LIVERPOOL DON'T!

How much is Liverpool fc worth?

LIVERPOOL FC was today valued at around £530m.

What are all the possible trophys to get on webkinz?

all the game trophies and much, much more to come

How much is a pint in Liverpool?

16 ounces

How much football players are in Liverpool?


How much trophies does Wayne Rooney have in the past years?

wayne rooney has about 16

How much do the painmen get paid in balls of steel?

they get paid in balls of steel trophies