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Well, 16 months or they can get out on 'Good behavior' a little earlier.

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Q: How much time is served for a 16 month prison term in Florida prisons?
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How much time has to be served for a 3 year and 3 month sentence in a Virginia prison?

10 months

Is Scooter Libby in prison?

No. His 30-month prison sentence was commuted. He served the rest of his sentence, which was two years of supervised release and 400 hours of community service. Even if his prison sentence had not been commuted, he would have been released at the end of 2009, at the latest.

On a prison sentence in Ky how is the time served calculated to allow for good behavior?

10 Days per month. But that depends on how you do your time. Catch a rule infraction and you could lose "Good Time."

How many years was Michael Vick in jail?

23 months Vick only served 18 of his 23 month sentence.

How long would you serve of an 8 yr 6 month term in state prison with good behavior in state prison?

This depends on state to state. While many states allow you to serve a third of your prison term prior to release, others have a mandatory minimum of 85%, including Florida and the federal system.

Martha Stewart prison?

She pled guilty to "insider stock trading" which means that she was making money on stocks by using access to information from within the companies that no one else had access to.

How long will lilboosie be in prison?

a year and one month

Does prisons makes clothes for other prisons?

Yes indeed they do. For example at R.J. Donovan Correctional Institution in San Diago California, shoes are made for prsioners at many other California prisons. The shoes are black slip in sneakers with white soles, and for obvious reasons no laces. Also, untill fairly recently that same prison manufactured eye glasses for prisoners. Other things made at RJ Donovan include bread (about 18,000 loaves a day to serve Donovan and five other prisons). For more information on this prison see this is a very informative photo essay on prison life, part of a large project by, a public service of San Diago University the prisoners are very happy to have jobs like these and there is fierce competition for them. The bread factory pays between $90.00 - $100.00 a month, compared to custodial and clerk jobs which pay between $24 and $48 a month. Many thanks to KPBS (Angela Carone/KPBS) for such great information!

Was Martha Stewart arrested before?

Yes, Martha Stewart was arrested and convicted in 2004 for charges related to insider trading. She served a five-month prison sentence and five months of home confinement.

Why was K'naan in prison?

yeah for about a month because he was carrying a knife

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