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it depeds on how long they have played

No you idiot, and you spelled depends wrong. 40 Seconds between the last play and the time the next play starts but after a timeout it is 60 seconds

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30 seconds.

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Q: How much time is on the football play clock time?
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What is the difference in game clock and play clock?

The game clock counts down the time of the entirety of the game. The play clock counts down to the point requiring a play to begin.

When was a time placed on snapping the football between plays?

The NFL adopted the use of a 30 second play clock in 1976. This rule was later amended, and in 1988 the 30 second clock was increased to 45 seconds.

What is the rule if a football punt hits the roof or scoreboard above the playing field?

The rule was changed this year after a punter hit the new hanging jumbotron in the cowboys stadium. Previous to this year the play should a football hit an object like a scoreboard the play would be a "redo" but the time run off the clock would not be replaced. The new rule this year still is a "redo" of the play but also the time used during the play is put back on the clock.

How much time do you see NFL football players play ina football game?

i would say around a third if there on defense

What time do the oilers play tonight in Edmonton?

6 o clock edmonton time

What is the total play time in a NFL football game just play time?

60 minutes

What does the 2 minute warning mean and when and why did it start?

A warning (including an official stoppage of the play clock that functions as a time-out for both teams, but isn't charged to them) is given by the officials with 2 minutes remaining in both halves of a football game. If a play is currently running at the 2-minute mark, the clock stops as soon as the play is complete. Back before big electronic scoreboards, the only official game time was kept by the officiating crew. Since the coaches didn't know how much time remained in a half, the refs would stop the clock and inform them. Since then, it's been a holdover and a perfect excuse for the networks to break away to another three commercials.

When does clock stop during high school soccer game?

whatever the status of the clock is at the time of the infraction, is when the clock will start on the next play. example if the previous play was an out of bounds play then the clock would start on the snap. if the previous play was in bounds, then the clock will start when the referee blows the 25 second clock in

Does the time clock stops when QB gets sack?

No it doesn't. After a sack, the clock continues to run like it does on a rushing play.

What is the code for the safe on level 16 on click play?

1500. its the time on the clock in military time.

Can you call a time out in the middle of a play in football?

No, a time out can not be called in the middle of a play in football because if the play is already in play then there isn't allowed to be any interferences such as a time out after the ball is hiked and before the officials rule the play done. A time out can be called right before the play begins and after the play is ruled dead by the officials.

When a football referee blows the whistle indicating time has run out on the clock at the end of a game should he wait for the play to finish or blow the whistle at the clocks end time?

After the full 90 minutes have been played, the referee will have to add extra time to injury or substitution.