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As long as your heart desires!(:

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Q: How much time does the server have to serve volleyball?
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What is the time taken to serve a volleyball?

You have eight seconds to serve.

How long does the sever in volleyball get?

In volleyball, the amount of time the server can take to serve after the whistle is blown varies based on what organization you are playing under. Some time around five seconds is usually used, though.

When will a server be allowed back in the volleyball court?

yes, they are one of the six players at a time

What is a rotation in volleyball?

The person in position 1 (back right corner) is always the server. After one team wins a point, that team gets to serve. Each time they win a point, they rotate clockwise so the next person can serve.

How many tosses do you get for a serve in volleyball?

In professional volleyball, you get one. High school competitive rules were changed to allow "tosses" that are clearly not intended as part of a serve (subject to time allowance).

What is it called when the server fails to serve either time correctly?

A Double Fault

What is speed-rule in volleyball?

Could be referring to the time limit (ten seconds) the server has to serve the ball once the whistle has blown. Could also refer to the rule changes that have been implemented to speed up the game, such as scoring on every serve regardless of which team serves.

In volleyball the time when the ball is in play?

the ball is in play from the time it is served to the time it hits the floor or the whistle is blown (signaling an out of rotation, player touched net, server crossed line). the ball goes into play after the fer. blows the wistle and signals for the sever to serve and then he/she serves

How much time can you get in a timeout in volleyball?

1 minute

How much time in a volley ball game?

There is no given time for volleyball

Start clock hand signal on volleyball?

there is no time limit in volleyball except for the 30 seconds allowed for timeouts and 8 seconds given to initially serve the ball.

When should a team rotate in volleyball?

The team should rotate every time it is their serve after the other team missed.

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