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About a half a second.

Normal human reaction time is .2 seconds.

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Q: How much time does it take a baseball to get from the mound to the catcher?
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How long does it take for a baseball to get to the mound in high school baseball?

It depends on who the pitcher is and what pitch it is.

Is a baseball coach allowed to take the catcher off the base when there is no outs?

Yes why not!

What happens if you swing a baseball bat and accidentally hit the catcher?

The batter gets to take his base because the catcher has caused interference.

How many mound builders does it take to build one mound?

is to 1500

What is a mound visit for in baseball?

a mound visit is when the coach comes out onto the mound. it is for a number of reasons. it could be to take the pitcher off the mound, give him tips, settle him down, or kill the momentum of the other team. i am a catcher for a AA team right now and when i go up (sometimes by myself) it is just to usually calm him down and stop momentum. one time i came up with my coach and he was asking him random stuff like what his favourite colour is and if he has a girlfriend... just stuff to get ur mind off the game for a few seconds.

In little league how long is it from homeplate to picthers mound?

in little league the home plate is exactly 44.4832 ft on a baseball regulation mound without a mound it would be about 44.2 ft give or take an error by the people that constructed the field

How much percent of ants work on a destroyed mound during the day?

30% give or take 100%.

How long does it take a baseball thrown at 78 mph from the pitchers mound to get to home plate?

It takes .58 seconds for a ball traveling 78 mph to go the 60 ft 6 inches from the pitcher's mound to home plate.

What does Bilbo take from the mound of treasure?

a golden cup

How long does it take a baseball thrown at 95 mph from the pitchers mound to get to home plate?

The distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate is 60.5 feet. If the ball would be released exactly from the pitcher's mound, it would take approximately 0.43 seconds. But, if you don't want to count that last part of the windup which takes place from the pitcher's mound until the ball is released from the hand, assuming that that distance is about 5 ft, then it takes approximately 0.4 seconds to reach home plate.

How long does it take a baseball traveling 95mph to get to home plate if the distance between home plate and the pitchers mound is 43 feet?

It will take 1/4 of a second to reach home plate

How long does it take for a baseball to go from the pitcher to the catcher?

in the major leages when pitches are 80-100 mph, usually a second or less

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