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they spend about 5 hours a day watching TV.

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How much time do people spend watching sports?

6 to 24 hours

How much time do you spend watching sport?

Most people spend about 3 hours for one normal game of football, hockey, and basketball. You are not going to hear from me.

How do you spend your leisure time?

You can spend your leisure time in many different ways to relax. Some people likes to spend their leisure time watching TV, reading, or listening to music.

How much time does the average American spend watching tv in a lifetime?

9 years

How much time does the average teenager spend watching tv?

20 hours a week

How much time does the average American family spend watching football on Thanksgiving?

8 hours

How did the people in the 1920's spend their leisure time?

watching movies without sounds

Do kids spend more time watching television than playing outside?

kids spend time watching tv than playing outside

How do computers affect the way we spend our free time?

These days people spend a lot of their free time on the internet, whether surfing different web pages, watching videos or playing games. There's also gaming consoles which are little computers themselves. People spend less time watching television or doing outside activities than they did in the past because they are spending their time on the computer.

How much time does an average American spend watching TV every day ...........?

23 hours and 59 minutes.

How much time do 4 year olds spend watching tv?

Alot of time if you want them to stop limit them to one hour day.

How much time do American children spend on watching TV?

Around 6 or 7 hours a day but they should only be watching about 1 or 2 hours a day.

Is watching TV bad for infants?

Watching television can be bad for anyone, especially young infants. Small periods of educational shows are acceptable, however, you do not want them to spend too much time watching TV.

How much time does the average American spend in the bathroom?

people spend about 30 minutes in the bathroom

Do you think watching television is good?

Watching television does have it's good points. But the increase in children watching television is growing. This means that children won't get to spend as much time going outside or letting their imaginations run wild.

How much time do people spend at work?

872364927893527 hours.. a day

Do people in America spend too much time on the computer?

YES !!

How much time do people spend on facebook?

2 hours a day

Do young people today make good use of their leisure time Or do they spend too much time watching television and playing video games instead of taking part in more productive activities?

While this view is definitely an opinion, it could definitely be said that kids spend too much time watching television and playing video games instead of doing other things. Kids used to go out and play outside much more, or collect things, rather than just interacting with screens.

What do japanese people do in their free time?

The Japanese have a lot of the same hobbies as Americans. The number one way that Japanese spend their free time is watching movies or television.

What would people do watching Shakespeare plays?

Although the pervasiveness of televisions and recorded music have made most people oblivious to performances going on around them, people attending plays did and for the most part still do spend their time watching the actors and listening to what they say.

How does young people spend their free time?

Many young people spend their time watching television, reading, listening to music, going out to places like the cinema, or the swimming baths. Some people do extra curricular activities like joining a sports club or a music club. Some people just like to go out an hang around with their mates. There are lots of things young people spend their free time doing.

How much time do people spend at church?

1 hour to 2 hours

Name an indoor activity you spend much more time doing in the winter?

watching tv/movie reading playing games sleeping cooking

Are movie theaters open on Christmas Eve?

Yes they are. Some movies premiere on Christmas Day, where people can spend their time with their families watching a movie.

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