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Back in the sixties it was 5 minutes. Today it's 8 minutes.

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Q: How much time do commercials take up every half hour?
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During a 1-hour period a TV show has 40 minutes of programming. The rest of the time is for commercials. How much time is used every hour for commercials?

20 mins

What are the most ads ever put on TV in a single day?

considering that approximately 20-22 minutes of half-hour shows are actually dedicated to the show, and the rest to the commercials, lets assume this channel only has shows that are about 20 min long every half hour (the most extreme case), with no sequences involving commercial free periods. 24 hours in a day, with 48 half hours, and 10 minutes for every half hour going to commercials: 48 half hours * 30 minutes = 1440 minutes and 10/30 ratio of commercials to minutes so 1/3 of 1440 minutes = 480 minutes of commercials in a day, which is the same as 8 HOURS OF COMMERCIALS! Much more than I want to spend my time watching. And just to even this out a bit, assuming that the average half hour shows last 25 minutes instead of 20, then the resulting amount of commercial time per day is still huge: 5 minutes of commercials per 30 minutes=1/6 1/6 *1440 = 240 minutes of commercials. 4 hours of commercials is still huge, but not quite as bad as 480. Imagine all of those car commercials. And politic ads. Aye-Caramba!

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Does TV FX channel have commercials?

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