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qualifying for the group stage: €3.8m

Participating in group stage: €550k per match, x6 matches = €3.3m

So that's €7.1m guaranteed, even if you lose every game 10-0.

If you don't, then it's… For a win: €800k; For a draw: €400k

Playing in Round of 16: €3m

Playing in Quarters: €3.3m

Playing in Semis: €4m

Playing in Final: €5.2m

Champions League winners: €9m (plus you get a great big trophy)

So if a team won every single game on the way to winning the whole competition, that club would collect €36.4m in prize money

But wait, there's more. It's not all about prize money, there's TV money too, and that's distributed via something called the market pool. UEFA puts it like this:

In addition to these sums, the clubs receive a share of revenue fixed in accordance with the value of the TV market of the country they represent. If an association has more than one representative, the amount received by each club depends on its position in the national championship in the previous

season and the number of matches played in the current season's Champions League.

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32 teams constitute the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. They are divided into 8 groups of 4.

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Q: How much teams make in champion league group stage?
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How many teams are there in champion league?

THere are 32 teams in the final round of the Champions league. They are divided into 8 groups of 4.

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Can English teams clash in the champions league group stage?

English teams can face each other in the Champions league from the quarter finals stage. This is because after this stage, teams are drawn randomly to face each other.

How many teams go to the World Series?

Only two teams go to the World Series: the American League champion and the National League champion.

How many teams participated in airtel champions league 2010?

There are 32 teams in the 2010 champion league.

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Which Argentine player played for 5 champion league teams?

lucho gonzalezz

What teams have won the champion league?

AC MilanManchester UnitedPortoJuventusReal MadridBarcalonaBayern MunichLiverpool

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How many teams from English premier league qualify for champions league?

4 teams qualify for the Uefa Champions League. In the premier league table, whoever finished 1st and 2nd goes through to the Champions league group stages automaticly, whilst whoever finished 3rd and 4th have to play in the 3rd round of the qualifing stage against a team from a different country. If they win....... They get to join the other teams in the group stages of the champions league, if they lose, they are out of it.

What were the other teams at the group stage in the group containing India?

Pakistan and Bangladesh

How many teams enter the champions league?

there are three preliminary groups every year before the champions league starts, that are played during the summer: in the 1st 28 teams play 2 matches h&a, in the 2nd the 14 teams that won in the previous group challenge other 14 teams, and in the 3rd the remaining 14 teams are put together with other 18 teams; the 16 teams that win the 3rd group are put together with the 8 teams that got the better results in their own leagues, an so it is reached the number of 24, which are divided in 8 groups of 4 teams, that is when the Champion's League really begins.