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Q: How much speed and power with 4 pistons?
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What does 4 cylinder mean on car?

4 cylinder means that the engine has 4 pistons it means it has 4 pistons. the number of pistons can tell you how much speed and how much power

How many pistons in a 4 cylinder?

There would be 4 pistons, one in each cylinder.

How many pistons in a car?

Depends on how what type of engine it has. 4-cylinder = 4 pistons (inline) V6 = 6 pistons (arranged in a V-shape, thus the name V) V8 = 8 pistons

What is the difference between a v6 car and a v4 car?

Simplified, a V6 engine is an engine with 6 pistons. A V4 engine is an engine with 4 pistons. (The more pistons the more horse power and the more gas you go through) -a 22 yr old girl

How much power is required to lift a 2.0 kg mass at a speed of 2.0 ms?

4 watts 39.2 watts

Where can you find a new power window relay or even switch the circuit breaker for a 1992 Subaru SVX?

They are the same as the EJ22 4 cylinder pistons. They can be purchased from numerous aftermarket resellers if you want forged pistons. Cast pistons would be from the dealer, if even still available.

How many pistons in a 8 cylinder engine?

A normal combustion engine has one piston per cylinder. So a 4 cylinder has 4 pistons, a 8 cylinder has 8 pistons, etc.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Oldsmobile 4-4-2 coupe manual 1967?

The power of the engine of the 1967 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 coupe manual is 155 @ 4200 RPM. The maximum speed is 89 mph.

How many pistons does a Honda Prelude have?


How many times have the Lakers played against the Pistons in the NBA finals?

The LA Lakers have played the Detroit Pistons three times in the NBA finals. In 1988 the Lakers won the series 4-3. In 1989 the Pistons were victorious 4-0. The last time they met in 2004, the Pistons won again 4-1.

How much is it to replace pistons on a 96 Saturn?

factory or aftermarket? factorys will run you about 120 for a set of 4, aftermarkets are about 450-600.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the peugeot 104 1975?

The power of the engine is 4 cylinder and the maximum speed is 96 mph for the Peugeot 104 1975.