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Q: How much silver is used in solder every year?
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Are solder joints mechanically too weak?

Depends on the solder used. If silver solder is used it is actually stronger than the pipe itself.

Can silver solder be used on 14k white gold?

Yes, silver solder can be used on any color of gold---however, the joint will be white and will tarnish more rapidly.

What is the silver content of silver solder?

Solder is manufactured in hundreds of different grades and compositions for thousands of different applications. Solder that might be described as "Silver solder" is most commonly commercially manufactured in about 50 different compositions with silver contents of up to 40% and is priced accordingly. Silver solder is often used in jewellery making and repair, engineering and many electrical manufacturing processes.

What kind of soldering gun is used to silver solder batteries?

You can do it but you have to be VERY careful for silver solder a very large 100w+ gun may be needed you CANNOT overheat the batteries or they WILL explode or be made useless.

Is solder conductive?

A Conductor, SOLDER IS NOT AN INSULATOR. The most common types of solder are made of tin and lead. Another type is silver solder. All of the materials used are metals and are good conductors of both heat and electricity. If you solder something you would notice if you ever held a wire (without protection) while applying solder to it your finger would probably receive a burn (speaking from experience).

What does silver solder mean?

Silver solder is a type of soldering material that contains a high percentage of silver, typically over 50%. It is commonly used for joining metal pieces together in applications where a strong and durable bond is required, such as in jewelry making or plumbing. Silver solder has a higher melting temperature than regular solder and can create a strong, long-lasting joint.

What kind of solder is used for electrical work?

Usually an alloy of tin/lead - though there are others (silver for example, used in repairing jewellery)

What is solder used in?

solder is use for to make jewles

Is solder a lead alloy?

Most commonly, but antimony is another basic component of some solders. The European Union, China, and California are areas where lead solder is banned in consumer products. Tin-lead solders were most often used because they are easily melted and inexpensive. Lead-based solders have a few problems which are reducing their popularity: - Environmental concerns about e-waste - Worker safety concerns for people who constantly work with solder - The low melting point, which is not suitable for modern microprocessors Any metal which is melted to bond to another metal is a solder. Silver solder is used to repair silver jewelry, and gold solder to repair gold. Silver solder is also used in food-grade plumbing. Drinking water is soldered with lead-free solder (but lead was used in nearly all plumbing soldering until the late 1980s).

What does solder consist of?

Solder has traditionally been a tin lead alloy, but there are many variations depending on the application:jeweler's solder or silver solder, has always contained silver to prevent the solder from dissolving silver and/or gold from the item being solderedother low melting point metals are sometimes added to make low melting point solderpure tin solder is sometimes used to eliminate toxic leadetc.Solder sold in the form of wire is sometimes hollow with a core filled with flux paste to make soldering easier without the need for extensive precleaning of the work so that the solder properly wets. For plumbing purposes (where the work can be rinsed afterwords) the flux paste is acidic and very corrosive, for electronics work the flux paste is a rosin.

Why can't high temp 1200F soldering irons be used for silver soldering?

Because at that high of a temperature the solder's molecular structure breaks down and changes, and the solder becomes way to brittle causing a bad connection if you can even make one

What is a soldering gun used for?

Shooting solder at a special solder shooting range