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This varies in two ways: state to state and the person.

Wait staff can be paid as little as half the applicable minimum wage in some states. And they have to declare all their tips. one can make as little as minimum wage.

Along with those rules are other factors. Table turns, night of the week, speed of the kitchen, etc etc.

20% is considered customary for "good service" in the restaurant industry.

(15% is more of a base amount for services rendered, and is considered an average tip.)

The minimum compensation is no less that $2.13 per hour. Pay is at the employers discretion. However, if gratuity plus "regular" pay equals less than minimum wage, federal law requires employers to compensate the employee. You'll rarely see a "regular" wage of any more than the federally required amount.

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Q: How much should waiters tip out to the cooks?
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How much should waiters tip out other tipped employees?

Waiters should not have to tip other tipped employees. Those employees have to work together. Usually they will split things up, they should work as a team. Waiters should tip out busboys 10% of the tips made that shift. Waiters should tip out the bartender less because a bartender usually makes as much, or more than the waiter does. It is common to tip a bartender according to the amount of mixed drinks they have to make. If you had a busy night, but did not order very much booze, than usually the bartender is cool. But if you have a busy night and order alot of mixed drinks, than you better pay the bartender half of what you give the busser. Bussers should be tipped out everynight.

Another word for a waiters tip?


Are waiters and waitresses required to tip out bartenders in the state of Wisconsin?


Which of these service providers should you tip?

Tipping is a basically an American culture. People who work as waiters in hotels, bars and restaurants are most likely to get tips from their clients.

If a tip is left for a waiter does it have to go to him?

* Every restaurant is different. Sometimes when you leave a tip the money from all waitress' or waiters are pooled and divided (bus boys may get some of the tip money as well.) With other waitress' and waiters they may be able to keep the tip for themselves. Generally you tip a waiter 15 percent if the service is good. If you don't feel within reason you have had good service you do not have to leave a tip.

What is the law in south Africa for waiters commission?

Giving commission to waiters in SA is not compulsory, but it is considered good manners to tip 10% of your food bill, if the service you received was satisfactory. If not, you do not have to give a tip. Some restaurant do include a 10% commission in the bill and then you do not have to pay anything extra.

How much do you tip the bellhop?

You should tip the bellhop a minimum of fifty dollars

How much should you tip a delivery guy in NYC?

You should tip them around $5 dollars. Or more. =)

What is a fair percentage to tip waiters?

Tipping is usually based on service. The standard is 20% for good service. If the service is excellent, one could tip 25%. But, if the service was poor, one may choose to tip less or even not leave a tip at all.

In France are you expected to tip?

In restaurants and bars you are not expected to tip the waiters, except if you insist that you are particularly satisfied with the service. There is nothing wrong in not tipping the waiter or waitress and it is becoming increasingly rare, since a sum of 15-20% of your bill is already charged for the waiters. It sometimes appears as "service", but not all bills are detailed.

How much should you tip a carpet installer?

not enough!

How much should you tip a waiter or waitress?

About 20% of your meal.