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it donesnt really matter linemen vary due to the team's style. Must high School Linemen range from 215-300 lbs varying on the team's system.

It really all depends on why you are asking the question. If it has to do with just getting playing time, then look at the starters you already have. The average high school OL is not huge like a DI linemen or NFL linemen, I played at 6'2'' 255 in high school and then 265 - 270 in college. If you are trying to go DI then you need to take height and athleticism in to account. If you are a taller athletic tackle you don' t need to be huge, being around 230+ can get you DI, being athletic is the key. If your not so tall then keep yourself aroun 240-255, if your good enough they will take you, and hang weight on you as needed.

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Q: How much should a high school offensive linemen weigh?
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How heavy are the football players on the offensive line?

Depending on the level you're asking about, the weight of offensive linemen can vary quite a bit. At highschool, a team with an average offensive line weight of 260 or 270 is considered enormous. That being said, highschool linemen can compete at weight as low as 180 and 200 to as high as 380. In D-1 college football, offensive linemen frequently weigh 300 pounds. 270 and 280 pounds are also somewhat common, but are generally considered a bit undersized whereas linemen weighing over 350 are pretty rare. In the NFL, an undersized lineman can be 6-3, 280 pounds. At the highest level of competition, nearly all offensive linemen weigh over 300 and stand near or above 6-5, Offensive linemen weighing over 350 pounds are becoming a common sight in the NFL. I hope that answers your question

Who is the shortest offensive linemen in the NFL?

Don Muhlbach weighing at 256 lbs. i weigh at 285 and im the biggest on my school team haha thought you should know and im 6 foot too be exact so ya Don Muhlbach is the shortes and smallest linemen in the NFL.

How much should a school backpack weigh?

A school backpack should weigh less then 15 % of your body weight.

Average weight for a football player?

260 In the very early days of football it was rare to see a lineman that weighed over 250 pounds. But as training regiments became more sophisticated the weights have risen. Hall of Fame offensive guard Gene Upshaw, who played between 1967-1981, weighed 255 pounds. Hall of Fame defensive end Gino Marchetti, who played between 1952-1966, weighed 245 pounds. Today's linemen almost always weigh at least 280 pounds and many weigh over 300 pounds. Plus steroids play a large part in the drastic weight increase in today's linemen.

Does a college football weigh the same as a NFL football?

well it depends if you are talkin about a linemen or a quarterback

What is the average size of an NFL offensive guard?

well to be an offensive linemen u might want to be somewhere above (at minimum) 5'9 in order for you to grab your oppositions numbers an throw him aside. secondly (and MOST IMPORTANTLY!) u might want to weigh >200 lbs and bench a lot of weight so that your opposition cant push you around. You will also need to practice alot and make sure that those 200 lbs are muscle weight and not fat cause fat is usually never good. If you are, an offensive lineman and you grab your opponent by the numbers and throw them aside you will if caught are called for holding and receive a ten-yard penalty. High school linemen that play usually weigh from 220lb-285lbs

How fast should a linemen be?

well i play booth sides im 6 2 freshmen in highschool and run around 5.3 40 so around that oh and i weigh 275 so that's a good one for u

What football postion should i try out for if I'm 16 140 pounds and 5'8?

You should consider playing as an offensive or defensive midfielder if you are 16 weigh 140 pounds and you are 5'8.

How tall and how much should a 15 year old weigh?

It depends. I am 15 and i used to weigh 109 pounds (before school). But most of my friends are much heavier and weigh 155+ pounds.

How much should a running back weigh?

If your in High School - 130+ If your in College - 170+ but really should be 180 If your pro - 210+

How much does a school backpack weigh?

It is suggested by the doctors and therapists that a person should not carry more than 10% to 15% of their body weight in their packs. Thus, the school back pack weigh according to keeping this in mind.

What high school football position would you play if you weigh 300 pounds and 6'4 tall?

Offensive or defensive lineman, most likely guard or tackle respectively.