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Q: How much scrap metal does a golf cart have on it?
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How much do golf carts cost?

I have recently bought 2 golf carts and the first golf cart was $2000 although are much nicer golf cart was $3200 An average golf cart is between $2500 and $5000 It usually depends on where you live and if it is used or new (The most expensive golf cart also came with it for free!)

How much is a 1997 club car golf cart worth?

value of a 1997 golf cart

How much does a battery for a Powakaddy golf cart cost?

A battery for a Powakaddy golf cart costs around $100. They can be bought online, at golf stores like Golf Supply Store, Golf Town, Golf Smith and Golf Warehouse.

Which is safer a golf cart or dirt bike?

A golf cart is one billion times safer because it does not go as fast and it is much heavier. Also, one little mistake on a golf cart won't kill you, but on a motorcycle it will.

How much money is a used golf cart?

As much as the seller decides to sell it for.

Does a golf cart require seat belts?

yes they do if you are with bam magera well, actually there is no exact regulations states that golf cart should own seat belts. But nowadays, there are many golf cart accidents around the world, therefore, it is highly encouraged manufacturers to equipped seat belt on golf cart. And if your cart do not contain a cart, then you could asked him to present you one. It won't cost you much, but you will benefit a lot.

How much is a barge worth in scrap metal?

Need to know how much weight and what type of scrap metal (steel, copper, etc.) in order to provide correct answer

How much is 100 pound scrap metal worth in ct?

Not much.

Why does Yamaha gas cart backfire when slowing down?

The reason eight Yamaha golf cart may backfire when slowing down, is the air to fuel mixture needs adjustment. The golf cart is getting too much. Fuel.

How much is scrap metal worth per pound?


How much for scrap metal?

13 cents per pound

How much does it cost to get a golf cart of your own?

A golf cart is a pricey investment. Ranging from $1000 to well over $5000 depending on how customized you want it. Many people opt to buy a gently used cart instead and save hundreds of dollars.