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twelve players

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Q: How much schooling do soccer players need?
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Do soccer players need to have a license?


What kind of schooling do you need to become a professional soccer player?

None at all.

Why is continuous training important for soccer players?

It is important because soccer players need a shitload of endurance to play

What degree do soccer players need?

You don't need a degree. You just have to be good at soccer and be noticed by a big soccer team.

What is REP soccer?

Rep soccer is a higher level of soccer for more talented players. It is two levels above house league and much more competitive. The players are required to 'try out' and the best will be offered a spot on the team. To play Rep soccer and maintain a position on the team, the players need to be committed and hardworking.

What schooling do you need to become a soccer player?

You do not need to go to school for football. Pele was a shoe shine boy.

How much schooling does a pop singer need?

A popstar doesn't need as much schooling as the average person because they do not have to go to collage.

How much schooling does a doctor of Orthopedics need?

They generally need more than 6 years of schooling

How much equipment do soccer players need?

Soccer players are required to wear their team uniform which consists of the team shirt, cleats, shin guards, team shorts. Jewelry is not allowed. They also need a ball, a water bottle, sun-block, and of course a good attitude.

Who many practice toromonts do soccer players need?

6 to 12

What is the minimum number of players needed to start the game in soccer?

you need at least seven(7) players

How much schooling does a cosmetologist need?

7 years

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