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There is no rubber in a soccer ball

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Q: How much rubber is in a soccer ball?
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What are the materials in a soccer ball?


Who invented the soccer ball?

In 1855, Charles Goodyear designed and built the first rubber soccer ball.

Who invented soccer ball?

In 1855, Charles Goodyear designed and built the first rubber soccer ball.

What is the most oldest soccer ball in the world?

Charles Goodyear's 1855 first vulcanized rubber soccer ball.

What is the density of a soccer ball?

It's not correct to talk about "density" of a soccer ball. It's better you say "average density" of a soccer ball. It's clear that any soccer ball consists of different materials such as leather/plastic, rubber, and air. It order to find the average density you have to find the mass of a soccer ball and divide it by it's volume (in the first approximation you neglect the thickness of the shell (leather and rubber coats)).

How was the first soccer ball made off?


What do soccer balls taste like?

probably rubber cause you know Ive never actually tasted a soccer ball before

Do soccer balls burst?

Yes technically soccer balls can and do burst. There is a rubber bladder inside every soccer ball which is made of latex or butyl rubber. Function of this bladder is to hold air inside the soccer ball, some time this bladder is bursted thus loosing all the air in the soccer ball and make it unplayable ans considered to be bursted even though its outer shell is still intact.

What improvements have been made to the soccer ball over the years?

well they used to use a "one size fits all" soccer ball but now they have different size soccer balls depending on what age group you are in. they also have been making soccer balls not out of leather but out of plastic/rubber so it doesn't hurt as much! hope this helped :)

How much did the biggest rubber band ball wheight?

the biggest rubber band ball wheights about 8,200

How much air pressure affects a soccer ball's flight?

When a soccer ball has less air pressure its heavy and can't move easily through the air. When the air pressure is evenly distributed throughout the ball its lighter and can move more easily.MUch more air pressure usually distabilizes the foot ball. the place where pressure is low generally the ball moves towards that side.A ball that is flat is heavier because the ball is in a shrunken state. When the ball is pumped, the ball is stretched, making it lighter because the rubber is evenly distributed on all sides, thereby, making the ball much easier to bounce immediately. When the ball is deflated, there is very little movement on the ball's part. The rubber is much heavier, and not worth playing with.

Is an indoor and outdoor soccer ball different?

yes because some are little and rubber.

Where did Charles Goodyear make the first vulcanized rubber soccer ball?

I think it was ............ on earth

How much pressue is a 5 soccer ball supposed to have?

what is the regulation of a soccer ball pressure

Is a soccer ball the same as a kickball?

No, because a soccer ball is a hard ball. A kickball is much bigger and softer. Soccer ball is made for soccer. Kickball is made for kickball.

Does a new or a old soccer ball go farther?

it doesn't matter. a band new soccer ball is as good as an old soccer ball. depending on how much air is in your soccer ball, you'll know how far it will go.

Which can you throw farther a football or a soccer ball?

You can through a football much further then a soccer ball because of it's design. The shape of a football, if thrown properly, makes it much more aerodynamic then a soccer ball.

Which has greater density a bowling ball or a soccer ball?

Density is defined as the ratio between mass and volume. Since a bowling ball is much much heavier than a soccer ball (which is mainly filled with air), a bowling ball is much denser.

What is Fuseball Fuseball is like soccer and football it is mixed to make Fuseball there is basketball Fuseball there is soccer Fuse ball and when they are mixed they make Fuseball that is what rugbys?

fuse ball is pretty much soccer but the ball does not bounce as much. it is also played on a basketball court.its kinda like indoor soccer but it is out door and the ball is harder to kick. fuse ball drastically improves your touch on the ball.

How much does a soccer ball weight in pounds?

A size 5 soccer ball will weigh between 14 and 16 ounces.

How do you inflate a rubber ball?

If it is a solid rubber ball it is not inflated. A hollow ball can be inflated. The more pressure inside, the "harder" the ball will be and the higher it will bounce. To much pressure and you risk rupturing the "rubber" bladder.

Is a space hopper the same as a rubber ball?

It is not exactly the same, but it is very similar. A space hopper has handles, and a regular rubber ball does not. A space hopper is also much larger than a normal rubber ball.

How much does a rubber ball weigh?


Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

How much does it cost to make one soccer ball a football in European football?

A soccer ball is the same thing as a football in Europe. So it's free if you have a soccer ball because it already is a European football.