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35 billion sq. inches of rubber 35 billion sq. inches of rubber 35 billion sq. inches of rubber

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Q: How much rubber does a basketball have in it?
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How much rubber is in a basketball?

It just depends on how much air is in the basketball, how much it is stretched out and what size it is (large or small).

Is a rubber basketball beatter then a leather basketball?

A leather basketball is better than a rubber ball but if your playing outside the ground ruins the leather so a rubber ball is better when you are playing outside

What material is a basketball made of?


How is a basketball made?

with air and rubber

How does the rubber on a basketball effect the bounce of the basketball?

this is because rubber is flexable and it holds the air tightly so that no air can come out when it bounces

What is the inside of a basketball made of?

They line them with rubber.

What kind of solid is a basketball?

The basketball itself is in a solid state of matter and the air inside of it is in a gaseous state of matter.

Where can i find a graph of basketball history?

---- chinaaaaaa5 ---- 4 ---- 3 leather basketball ---- 2 rubber basketball ---- 1 ---- 0 ---- == ==

Can a rubber basketball be ruined in the rain?

use the rear

What material is a basketball made from and what are its properties?

butyl rubber

Why is rubber used to make a basketball?

So it bounces

How do i make rubber basketball earrings?

Get a basketball and a shrink machine then use glue to attach to ear