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Court side is where I sit and they are very good!

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2 million dollars

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Q: How much r floor seats to a Miami Heat playoff game?
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Why were all the fans dressed in white at the Miami New Jersey basketball play-offs?

It is their Playoff promotion. The heat playoff slogan is "White Hot Heat". All the gear they are selling is White.

What are prices for Miami Heat tickets?

The prices for tickets to Miami Heat home games are variable depending on the location of the desired seats. For a complete listing of prices for available seating, visit the official Miami Heat website.

How many seats are in the Miami Heat stadium?

76,500 for football and the maximum is 78,000

How many playoff appearances have the Miami Heat made?

Miami has made it to the playoffs 13 times. They have made it to the NBA Finals twice both against the Dallas Mavericks. They are 1-1 in the finals

What NBA teams have come back after being down 2-0 in a playoff series to win the series?

miami heat 2006 vs dallas

NBA Miami Heat first playoff series they won?

Against the New Jersey Nets they creamed them 4-0 series and lost to the Pistons in the conference finals

How many nba teams have come back after being down 3-2 in a playoff series?

You can add one more to that list however many it is, because the Miami Heat are about to do it

What NBA teamdid gary payton play on in 2006?

The Miami Heat

Why is Miami Heat called heat?

Its hot in Miami

During the NBA 1999-2000 season Alonzo Mourning took 652 shots from the floor for this team?

Miami Heat

Who is favored to win the playoff series between Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls?

In my opinion, Chicago Bulls were. But they didn't. It's ok though because the Bulls will be ready next year.

What team does Dwyane Wade play for?

Dwayne Tyrone Wade Jr. currently plays for the Miami Heat