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Enough to fill 100 glasses

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Q: How much punch do you need for 100 people?
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How much is a punch 325.1 amplifier worth?

100$ give or take

How much vodka do you need for 100 people?

You'd have to know the people to figure that one.

How much food quantities for 100?

How much food you need for 100 people will depend on the type of food. You will need 50 pounds of boneless chicken for 100 people. 35 pounds of potatoes. Four 25 pound turkeys will feed 100 people. 35 pounds of ground beef will make enough meatballs for 100 people.

How much chicken do you need to feed 500 people?

i would say about 100 chickens to feed that many people.

How much cabbage do you need to fix cabbage for 100 people?

I would use 25 pounds of cabbage for 100 people

What is 4 ounces of meat per person 100 people how much meat do you buy?

If you need 4 ounces of meat per person for 100 people, that means you need 25 pounds of meat.

How much coleslaw you need for 450 people?

I would make 100 pounds of it

How much shredded chicken in a bun to feed 100 people?

Each bun should have 3 ounces of shredded chicken. For 100 people, you will need 19# of aged chicken.

How many liters of punch for 300people?

100 litres of punch would suffice as each would than drink about 350ml per person. That's more than enough for 300 people

How much punch to serve 300 people at a wedding reception with other beverages available?

secrets from a caterers kitchen is a book you should read-one thing it talks about is food&beverage amounts because NO ONE can ever know how much ppl will eat or drink but you certainly dont want to run out of food and you dont want to waste your money by getting too much. another good idea is looking up a beverage recipe online and seeing how many ppl it will serve and weighing that against the volume of the beverage ex.

How much hamburger is needed to make spaghetti sauce for 100 people?

You will need 25 pounds of hamburger to do that.

How many cups of dry pennie you need for 100 people?

199 for 100 people