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Q: How much prize money for winning the spl?
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What is different of 38 and 38 spl.?

the spl.

Can a .44 spl use 38 spl rounds?


Why is dB IL equal to dB SPL?

IL is not equal to SPL. Actually SPL = IL + 0.16dB.

When does the spl finish?

The Spl will finish between April and July.

What is AVI-SPL's population?

AVI-SPL's population is 2,011.

How much is a rohm 38 spl falcon revolver worth?

40 or so

How much does a Johnson 88 spl outboard weigh?

319 lbs

Who sponsors the spl?

Clydesdale Bank Premier League- SPL. I think..

What is a decibel meter?

It is an SPL meter. SPL means sound pressure level.

When was AVI-SPL created?

AVI-SPL was created on 2008-04-17.

What sort of software is SPL?

SPL is software that creates unique variations of car models.

How much is a smith and Wesson model 60 38 spl?

50-300 USD or so

How many teams have won the SPL?

Only two teams have won the SPL, Celtic and Rangers.

What is abbreviation of special?


Formula to convert SPL into HL?

Simple, just subtract 20 from the SPL, and that gives you the HL. -M.A

What exactly is a spl meter and what does it do?

The spl meter is used in measuring a hifi system. for more info visit -. you should be able to find so much info on this site.

What does SPL mean engraved inside a 10K diamond ring?

I got a black dimend ring and on the in side of it corved in is SPL 10k i was wanting to know what them letters mean and if the ring is real and how much it would be worth.

Where can you buy replacement parts for a staples spl-S302D paper shredder?

Staples spl s302d shedder parts

When does SPL season 2009 2010 start?

The SPL season 2009-10 starts on the 15th of August 2009.

What is the best team in the spl?

It is Barcelona.

When was spl meter invented?


Can an eagle scout be spl?


How much is a airweight 38 spl ctg worth serial 116472?

Depending on condition, 150-400 USD.

How much is a Taurus 38 spl revolver?

Depends on which model, and its condition. Sort of like what is a Ford automobile worth?

How Much is a S and W Airweight 38 spl CTG worth?

10-1000 USD depending on specifics