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Winners £1.000.000

Runners up £500.000

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Q: How much prize money do winners get for Wimbledon?
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How much prize money does winners at Wimbledon get in 2012?


How much money does the winner of the womens Wimbledon title win?

The men's and women's Wimbledon singles winners receive £850,000 in prize money.

How much money do Wimbledon winners get?

In 2016 the mens singles prize is £2million.The womens singles prize is also £2million.

How much Prize Money Wimbledon players win?

The total prize money pot for 2010 was £ 13,725,000. The Men's and Women's singles winners both received an amount of £ 1,000,000 each. For 2011 total prize money is £ 14,600,000 and singles winners will receive £ 1,100,000 each.

How much do tennis players earn at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon 2011, total prize money - £ 14,600,000. Men's & Women's singles winners - £ 1,100,000. Runners - £ 550,000. Doubles winners - £ 250,000. Runners - £ 125,000. Mix doubles winners - £ 92,000. Runners - £ 46,000.

How much prize money does the winner of Wimbledon get 2013?

There are winners in several categories. The top two prizes are for men's singles and women's singles. The prize for each is 1.6 million British pounds or 2,384,000 US dollars

How much is the Wimbledon tennis prize money?

1000000 pounds

How much is the Wimbledon prize money for singles winner?


How much is the prize money at Wimbledon tennis championship?

The prize money is £850,000, which is $1,188,050.44 in U.S. dollars.

How much money did Roger Federer make for winning Wimbledon 2012?

The prize money for Wimbledon 2012 was 1,150,000 british pound or $1,956,440.

How much prize money did Federer win in Wimbledon 2009?


How much is the prize money for the carling cup 2009?

£100,000 is the prize money for the carling cup winners

How much prize money do first round losers get in Wimbledon?

ask someone

How much prize money does the runner up of Wimbledon get?

Refer to the link, below.

How much prize money does Wimbledon's first place winner get?

Rs. 9.6 Crore

How much is the prize money for capital one cup?

It's not much, £100,000 for the winners and £50,000 to the runners up.

How much is the Prize Money for carling cup Winners?

100,000 pounds + uefa cup spot

How much money do a Wimbledon singles win?

The prize money usually increases a bit each year. But the 2009 singles champions each won £850,000 (roughly $1,367,310).

How much money does the winner of the Champions League football in Europe get?

For 2015, the winners prize money is €10,500,000. That changes each year.

How much money would you get if you won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting?

Pulitzer Prize winners in both categories -- Journalism and Letters, Drama and Music -- each receive $10,000 and a certificate.

How much prize money?

The question is misleading. How much prize money for what?

How much money do Nobel Peace Prize winners receive?

When President Obama won it in 2009, it came with a prize of $1.4 million (which he donated, dividing it up between ten different charities).

How much money for tied winners at the masters?

Angel Cabrera will get $1,350,000. Chad Campbell and Kenny Perry will each get half of 2nd and 3rd place combined prize money.

How much money did Wimbledon gross worldwide?

Wimbledon grossed $41,666,476 worldwide.

How much money is provided to a man who wins noble prize?

The amount of the prize money depends on the income of the Nobel Foundation. In 2009, the amount was equal to about $1.4 million (US). Notes: 1). In the event of multiple winners in the same category in the same year, the winners divide the prize. 2). A female winner collects the same prize that a man does/would.