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Q: How much power can wave energy generate?
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How much energy could wave power generate?

There is enough energy in ocean waves to power everything in the world. However the technology is still experimental and expensive. Solar and wind power is going to be cheaper and more sustainable.

How are waves used?

You can use them with fishing or when your sailing. it will push your boat/fish round. Also, waves can be used to generate energy. This is a sustainable way to get energy, and is simply known as Wave Energy, or Wave Power.

What places can use wave power?

wave energy as in tidal energy? because it is being used! in France and planned for the bay of fundy in canada. erosion does present a problem but theyre working on it. No, wave energy is different. Can be used where there are sufficient waves.

How much energy does wave power provide?

I'm not exactly sure but it is not very much. It also depends on how strong the wave is.

Why don't all countries use wave power?

There are a number of reasons why no country actually uses much wave power at the moment. The technology is still not fully worked out. Experimental stations do generate power, but not in significant amounts.

When energy of a sound wave is transferred to a particle of a medium and causes it to vibrate and generate heat the sound wave is?


When the energy of a sound wave is transferred to a particle of a medium and causes it to vibrate and generate heat the sound wave is?


Is wave energy a renewable source of energy?

Yes, wave energy (hydro-power) is a renewable source of energy.

Does a wave power station use renewable energy?

Yes, wave power is renewable.

How much energy does wave power produce per hour?

The question has no real meaning - unanswerable.

What does wave energy power?

Wave power produces renewable energy, that is, electricity. This is the same electricity that we use every day, so wave power can power our heaters, coolers, electric cars, trains and planes and everything that runs on electricity.

Do power stations use heat to generate electricity?

Yes most power stations do use heat to generate electricity. Heat energy of the fuel (e.g. burning coal, burning oil, nuclear fission) is utilized to heat water present in the boiler. This heating generates steam, which is then utilized to run the turbine. However some power stations get the energy to generate electricity without using heat (e.g. hydroelectric dams, wind power, sea wave power, solar cell generation systems).