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dont know mate

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Q: How much people like to play badminton what is the percentage of badminton?
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What are the basics of badminton?

like tennis, in badminton you hit a "ball" over a net with a racket. however for badminton you hit a "shuttlecock" which is the ball with feathers. the racket for badminton is also much lighter than a tennis racket mostly because the "ball" is lighter. badminton net is also higher, but not as high as a volleyball net

What is the difference between a tennis racket and a badminton racket?

Badminton rackets are much smaller the rackets are made to hit light objects like the shuttle cock. These rackets do not have as much broad frame as one of tennis. they are much cheaper.

How much do badminton players get paid?

Not on your Nelly

How much does a badminton racket weigh?

Badminton racket weigh between 75 and 95 grams including the strings.

How much does a badminton shuttlecock weigh?

5 gram

When is the badminton season?

Summer season. As there is not much wind.

How much does a badminton coach get paid?

1000$ maybe

How much money do badminton players make?

The average badminton player will earn approx £18,000 per annum from the government.

How much percentage do people survive by skin cancer?

about 57%

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Where and when did badminton originate from?

Badminton come from England in the 16 hundreds ish. It comes from a game that they used to play like badminton, but with one person and no court or net. Like snooker it was invented by British Officers stationed in India in the mid 1700s. It came from the much earlier Eurpoean game of Shuttlecock and Battledor, the earliest form of which was extant in Greece about 2000 years ago.

How much money does a professional badminton player earn?


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