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Q: How much pay per view buys did mayweather vs Guerrero fight generated?
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How much did mayweather earn in fight against marquez?

15 million dollars plus a share of the gate and ppv buys.

Mayweather vs marquez pay per view buys?

100 mil

How much did Floyd Mayweather make for all of his last fights?

Espn says Merriweather has made $50 million in his last two fights this year. The first against De La Hoya which generated 3.25 million buys on ppv. The second against Hatton, which generated 850,000 ppv buys, grossing 47 million just in TV revenue. So throwing those figures into the mix, and considering the De La Hoya was the Top Draw in the first fight. 25 to 30 Million would be right in the ballpark, I mean ring.

How much does Floyd Mayweather make each boxing match?

against marquez, he got 15 million dollars plus a share of the gate and ppv buys.

How much did Floyd Mayweather get for participating in Wrestlemania XXIV?

Months before Wrestlemania XXIV, the WWE announced regularly that Floyd Mayweather would be given $20 million dollars to have a boxing match with Paul "the Big Show" Wight. The company mentioned this so often that quite a few news sources reported the $20 million dollar figure as fact. But more than likely the $20 million dollar payout was apart of the wrestling storyline, especially since the WWE reported that Wrestlemania XXIV generated around $23.8 million in total revenue. There are sources that are reporting that Mayweather more than likely received around $2 million for his Wrestlemania appearance, plus a percentage of the pay-per-view buys.

Who is the most paid UFC fighter?

BrockLesnar is now the highest paid fighter in the UFC.After receiving a percentage of the PPV buys, Brock makes around $ 3 million per fight ( depending on the number of PPV buys ).

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