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Q: How much pay do baseball players lose when ejected from a game?
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Is there a minimum of soccer players to be on the field in a game?

5, before they lose by forfeit

How do you play blitz chess?

Each players receives 5 minutes or less for the entire game. If one runs out of time they lose the game.

What is a dead duck in sport?

a dead duckis either you are about to lose the game or one of your best players get hurt and have to sit to the side....

How does air affect a baseball game?

the accuracy of the wind could blow the ball in a different direction and that could make your team or the other baseball team lose their game!$

If a basketball coach is throwed out of the game and her and her players walk off the court does the other team win and can a parent come and take her place and coach the rest of the game?

No, it means you forfeit the whole game and you lose

Why honey bees die after their sting?

Some of their guts come out when the stinger is ejected so they lose blood and organs.

Who are some not famous baseball players?

Herbie Plews of the Senators and Red Sox. He is singled out of the 1,000 or so baseball players because he had a saying after his name. "You can't lose with Plews" Herb played with Washington from 1955 to 1959 and for the Red Sox in the last half of 1959.

Is there crying in baseball?

Rarely, sometimes players cry a bit like when they lose the world series or something, but most crying happens in little league.

When a shootout is needed to decide a game can the first 3 players used in the shootout be used again if the game is still tied?

no because they r better than u and u will lose if u let them do that

Why does everyone who reads this lose the game?

Because by think about the game means you lose the game..!

Does the number in baseball games than football games make a difference for playoffs?

Yes in football there is one game and if u lose your out in baseball it is best of 7

Name a sport where players lose their teeth?