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High school and college players are required to wear; helmet, mouth piece, shoulder pads, hip pads, a butt pad, thigh pads, knee pads, and clears. A lot of the time you'll see nfl players not using their knee pads and or thigh pads bc they aren't required

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Helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads, and hip pads are pretty common. A lot of guys have "butt pads" on their girdles. Kidney belts and back pads are optional.

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Q: How much padding do football players have to have?
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Is Australian Football A Contact Sport?

Very much so. Players are allowed to tackle ball carriers and obstruct opponents with their bodies, with no padding at all.

What types of accessories are needed for football players?

Football players need a lot of accessories and equipment to play. They need a mouth guard, helmet, thigh, hip, shoulder, and knee padding, and gloves.

How do you use padding in a sentence?

The football player's padding was bulky and heavy.

How much of a difference is there between the original padding and today's padding?

Originally there was very little padding. Leather helmets were about the only protection the earliest players had. no shoulder pads.they did however have a slightly primitive "cup".

Do professional football players wear padding on their buttocks?

no some wear a tail bone pad but its fully optional

What is standard for college football clothing?

The standard for college football clothing in the padding that is necessary for the protection of the players. College football clothing is not different from the professional football clothing or even the little league athletic wear for the contact sport. The helmet is also a standard addition to the college football clothing. But, basically, it is the extra padding that is required to protect the body from injury that could occur in a contact sport such as football that validates the proper wear for the sport.

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