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Hilary is 7 years older than Michael and Whitney is 5.

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Q: How much older are Hilary and Whitney Phelps than Michael Phelps?
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Does Michael Phelps have any younger brothers?

No, he has two older sisters, Whitney and Hilary.

Who was older Whitney Houston or her brother Michael?

Michael is older than Whitney.

How old is Whitney Phelps?

Well She is 5 yrs older than Michael Phelps and on June 25th 2009 he is 23 but on June 30th (in 5 days) he turn 24.... SHE IS FIVE YEARS OLDER

Is Michael Phelps sisters older or younger then him?


How did Michael Phelps become a swimmer?

The reason Michael Phelps actually became a swimmer because his older sisters Hilary and Whitney were swimming all the time and so naturally Phelps followed the family tradition and it turned out he was better than either of his older sisters. It was not because he had a perfect body alignment because 9/10 the most successful swimmers in the world are not built for swimming, but he succeeded in swimming because he had the most determination and probably the best coach in the world Bob Bowman.

Is Whitney Houston older than her brother Michael?


Is Ryan Lochte older than Michael Phelps?

Yes, by approximately eleven months.

Who is older Andrew wentz or Hilary wentz?

I think Hilary is older. Andrew looks the youngest.

Are Haley and Hilary Duff twins?

no, Haylie Duff is 2 years older. Oh, I thought Hilary was older!

How much older is haylie duff than Hilary Duff?

Haylie Duff is 3 years older than Hilary, who is 23.

What were Whitney Houston's siblings names?

Whitney had a biological brother named Michael Houston who is a year older than her. She also has an older brother named Gary from her mother's previous marriage, and an older brother John III from her dad's first marriage. And she has a step-sister Alana as well: after Whitney's parents got divorced, John re-married and had a daughter.

Who is older Hilary Duff or halie duff?

Halie Duff is older

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