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the amount is stamped on side of case

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Q: How much oil do you put in a Yamaha PW 50?
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Related questions

How much oil do you put in a Yamaha ty 50?

500ml. It's stamped on the side of the engine.

How much Gas oil mix in a Yamaha snowmbile?

Yamaha engines are oil injected, if it is a fresh engine, or injector not working use a 50 to 1 mix.

How much oil goes you a Yamaha ttr 50 e?

SAE 10-30 Oil .8L or .85 US Qt.

How much oil goes in a Yamaha 50 dirt bike?

a quart and a half, approximately...

What is the Oil to gas ratio for Yamaha 115 Outboard?

If not using oil injection, the 115 hp Yamaha outboard will require a 50:1 ratio.

What is gas to oil mixture for a 1985 Yamaha Phazer?


1986 Yamaha virago oil?

20/50 w Yama oil is what i use

What is the oil gas mixture for a yamaha ysr 50?

what is the oil gas mixture for a ysr50

What is the proper oil ratio for a 1991 85 hp Yamaha two stroke outboard?

The correct ratio for 1991 85hp Yamaha is 1:50. 1 liter of oil for 50 liters of fuel.

What is the oil fuel ratio for a 1983 Yamaha IT?

Oil fuel ratio for z 1983 Yamaha IT should be listed on the oil bottle. The most common ratio is 50:1.

What is the gas to oil ratio on a Yamaha 650 waverunner?


What is the fuel oil ratio for a 1998 Yamaha 50 two stroke outboard?


What is the correct fuel oil mix for a Yamaha yfm 200 ATV?

i have a 1985 Yamaha yfm 200, it is gas, no fuel/oil mix needed. just put in 93 octane. unless u have a 2 stroke then its usually a 50:1 or 40:1 mixture

What kind of oil does a 1980 Yamaha XS1100 use?


What weight motorcycle oil for Yamaha XJ750 Maxim?


How do you change oil on a 2006 Yamaha vino 50?

Put it on it's stand. Remove the drain plug on the right side of the engine at the bottom. Let the oil drain. Moisten the O-ring with new oil and put the bolt back in. Turn to just snug - don't overtighten. Then add oil.

What oil is recommended for Yamaha rhino 700?

Everyone will probably give a different oil here. I personally only use AMSOIL 20-50 synthetic for my Yamaha.

How much oil to put into a Cub cadet 50 rzt?

2 qt

What weigth oil for Yamaha moto 4 350 ATV?

20w-50 is what i use but yamaha recomends 20w-50 yama lube has things in it to help the cluthes and transmission

Do you mix oil into the gas for a 1979 Yamaha qt50 50cc moped?

In most cases you should not mix oil into the gas of your 1979 Yamaha 50 cc moped. This type of moped had its own oil reservoir. If it is not marked on the gas You do not need to oil with the gas.

How much oil to put on KTM 50?

8 to 10 oz of transmission fluid.

Can you put synthetic oil your Yamaha v-star 1100?

yes, synthetic can go in anything I run REPSOL 20w-50 in my 2005 Vstar 1100

What is the proper fuel oil mixture for a 1984 Yamaha IT 200?

The 1984 model, 200 hp Yamaha requires a 50:1 ratio.

What is the petrol oil mix on Yamaha superjet?

50 parts petrol to 1 part oil... 20 litres of petrol to 500ml of oil

Fuel mix for 25hp Yamaha outboard?

50 to 1. Use good Oil