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Q: How much of your money goes towards football?
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How much money goes into space travel annually?

On space exploration, NASA spends about $18.7 billion, however only $5-7 billion goes towards space exploration. The remaining money goes towards health care, operation, cross agency and others.

Why does some people not want fair trade?

too much money to buy some believe that not all of the money goes towards the producers getting a fairtrade price

How much money does athletic football?

aren't they a football manufactuer?

How much money is a Sam Bradford football card?

The 2010 Score Sam Bradford rookie card goes for just a couple of dollars.

How much air goes into a football?

Well... It depends how big the football is really.

How much money does a football cost?


How much money goes to the movie when purchasing movie tickets?

When a film is just released, most of the ticket price goes to the film company. The longer its in the theater, the percentage changes towards the theater getting more.

How much does a NFL football make?

a football cant make money everyone knows that

How much money is madden football 2010?


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How much money does each NFL football game get?