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If any part of the football crosses the plane of the goal line it is considered a touchdown.

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Q: How much of the football has to cross the goal line?
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How much greater is the length of a football field from goal line to goal line than its width?

A football field is 140 feet longer than it is wide

How much greater is the length of a football field from goal line to from goal than its width?

140 feet

In soccer how much of the ball must cross the line for goal?

As long as the ball crosses the line. For example, when your Mom was scoring a goal on me, it was disallowed because the ball didn't cross the line. Sources(s): Personal Experiences

How much of the ball must cross the line before the ball is out of play or a goal is given?

1 inch

The greatest distance that a baseball has been thrown is 445 feet 10 inches. Is this greater or less than the length of a football field from goal line to goal line By how much?

The goal lines on a [American] football field are 100yards apart. 1yard = 3feet 100yards = 300feet 445feet 10inches is greater than 300feet. (445feet 10inches) - (300feet) = 145feet 10inches greater

What is goal line technology?

Goal line technology is a technology that is being ivestigated to be used in football. It has come into the spotlight because of recent incidents where in games, the ball has crossed the line, but has not been noticed by the referee, and so the goal was not given. Sometimes when the ball crosses the line by a couple of inches before being hoofed out by a defender, it is difficult for the ref to see. Examples of this include:Roy Carrol famously carried the ball over the line after a 50 yard shot by Pedro Mendes in 2005, with the score at 0-0 between Manchester United and Tottenham - the goal would have given Tottenham the winManchester United's Ryan Giggs slid the ball in in extra time of the 2007 FA Cup Final, where Chelsea's Petr Cech 'saved' the ball about a foot inside the goal line. The goal was not given and Chelsea went on to win the game. The goal would have seen Manchester United leading 1-0 with not much time left in the finalperhaps the most famous of all is Geoff Hurst's goal in the 1966 World Cup Final, which clearly did not cross the line and led to England winning the World CupThe technology involves embedding the football with a microchip, and having sensors on the goal line, so the when the ball passes the goal line, the microchip will send a signal to the referee and he knows its a goal

How much do football players get paid for each goal they score?

£5 OR £10

How much tna cross the line cost for wii?


Which player is a defender?

The defender usually depends on the sport. In soccer (football) the defender is the one that protects the goal. I don't know much about football (American Football)

How much is a touchdown in football?

6 points plus a feild goal so if they make it seven

How much is a field goal worth in American football?

Up to 4-5 million but it has to be in perfect condition

In American football how much is a field goal worth?

Up to 4-5 million but it has to be in perfect condition

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