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Players receive nothing, they are considered to have amateur status and are not paid professional players! The schools themselves will receive, I think, about $200,000 for each game played.

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Q: How much money will UNC players receive for winning the 2009 NCAA Championship and does the losing team in this case Michigan make any money?
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How many trophies does the winning Super Bowl team receive?

The winning team receives one Lombardi Trophy. The players, the coaches and various support staff all receive championship rings.

Do NBA players receive money for winning the finals?

yes each player gets a championship share and ring for winning title, and some players have bonuses in their contracts also if they win championship? pretty much same for all 4 major sports - i belive superbowl champs get the biggest payout??

What are the requirements to get a MLB championship ring How long does a player have to be on the team to receive one ie Manny Ramariz?

The requirements to getting a MLB championship ring are winning an MLB championship. There should not be a time limit for players being on the team.

What does each NBA player receive for winning the NBA championship?

a championship ring

Do college basketball players get a ring for winning a championship?


Do NBA players get more for winning the Championship Game?


What do players get for winning college BCS national championship?


Did the Saints make more money by winning the Super Bowl?

yes, the players of the winning team receive 83,000 and the losing players receive 43,000 as per the NFL.

How much money do NBA players make for winning championship?


Did winning teams in the super bowl ever get a trophy?

The winning team of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The franchise that wins the trophy typically maintains ownership of it, while the players receive super bowl championship rings to commemorate the occasion.

After winning a college championship basketball game players typically cut what?


How much do NCAA players make for winning a championship?

They are not paid so none at all

What is The footballl League Championship?

The Football League Championship is a Championship series where the highest levels of footbal players compete for a trophy. The trophy is awarded every year to the winning team.

Do NBA players receive a ring for winning the conference title?


Does the winner of the Stanley cup get a ring?

Yes, the players and staff of the winning team traditionally get championship rings.

What is a Stanley Cup ring?

A championship ring given to the players and staff of the Stanley Cup winning team.

What teams did not make the NCAA tournament after winning the tournament in the previous year?

Michigan State did not make the NCAA tournament in 1980 after winning the championship in 1979. Florida did not make the NCAA tournament in 2008 after winning the 2007 championship. North Carolina won the NCAA tournament in 2009 and will not make the tournament in 2010.

How much will Super Bowl players get for winning the 2013 Super Bowl?

how much will a player receive for winning the 2013 super bowl

Do pro soccer players get a ring for winning a championship?

No, Soccer Players Don't get Rings because it's not a popular sport like Football,BasketBall, and Baseball.

Do all players on winning team receive a Super Bowl ring?

yes! - as do the coaches.

What will the New Orleans players receive for winning the 2010 Super Bowl?

money and a superbowl ring

How much money did each Giants player receive for winning the Super Bowl?

The Giants players got 75,000$ each for winning the Super Bowl.

What does the winner of the Super bowl get?

Each member of the winning team, as well as selected team employees, receives a championship ring of their own design. The team receives the Lombardi Trophy. Many players receive bonuses, some up to $1 million USD, for either for winning the game or for playing in the game (i.e their team won the conference).

What does the winning team receive in the Ohio State Buckeyes versus Michigan Wolverines rivalry game?

The Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines do not play for a trophy in their rivalry game.

What are the last 5 locations of the football world cups?

2006 was Germany, with Italy winning the championship. 2002 was Japan and South Korea with Brazil winning the championship. 1998 was in France, with France winning it. 1994 was USA with Brazil winning the championship. 1990 was Italy with West Germany winning the championship.