How much money to be a cheerleader?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Usually nothing, it all depends on the school you go to. Some bigger universities such as Kentucky and Texas give their cheerleaders full rides for Cheerleading. Smaller schools only give partial scholarships, and some don't even have that luxury. The schools dont actually "pay" you personally. They do it in form of a scholarship.

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It costs $5,000 to $7,500 to be a high school cheerleader per year if your cheer team will also be in competitions.

$25-$75 Physical

$5 Clinic + judging fee

$100 Bag

$42 Bows (4)

$60 Briefs (3)

$450 Camp

$30 Camp Outfit 1 (ringer and shorts)

$30 Camp Outfit 2 (tee and shorts)

$30 Camp Outfit 3 (top and skirt)

$30 Camp Outfit 4 (tank and shorts)

$136 Game Day Shell

$63 Game Day Skirt

$69 Game Day Bodyliner

$50 Poms (2)

$450 Dance Classes (45 classes)

$55 Stool (prop)

$69 Performance Bodyliner

$117 Performance Shell

$66 Performance Skirt

$165 Shoes (3)

$55 Sweats

$172 Warm-ups

$140 Snack bar/pregame meals

Total $2,409 - $2,459.

$196 Coaches fee

$165 Choreography (competitions)

$600 Gymnastic Classes ($60-$80 per session). 10 sessions.

$35 ASB Card

$35 High School Sport Bag

$360 Dry Cleaning

$120 Water (Bottled: All year 6 + sports)

Football, Cheer, Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Competitions, and more

$300 Competitions (2 Regionals, 2 Regular, and Nationals).

$50 Shorts (5 pair for practice)

$50 T-shirts (5 pair for practice)

$30 Socks (2 dozen: 24 pair)

$165 Sports bras (5 pair @ $30 each + tax).

$50 Spirit Pack (1)

$200 Picture Pack with Team Photograph

Total $2,356

Not to mention much more miscellaneous money for miscellaneous items.

Will you buy a letterman/cheer jacket?

Will you buy an umbrella for if it rains on game day?

Will you buy a class ring?

Will you wear make-up?

Parents volunteer at snack bar or pay for not showing, etc...

Trust me: $5,000 for high school cheer per year if your cheer team will compete.

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Most cheerleading squads, you don't get paid. Some you even need to pay to get in.

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If a cheerleader is for a college team, they will not make any money at all. Professional cheerleaders only make about $800 per month.

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Q: How much money to be a cheerleader?
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