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Major Magazines 16 - approximate circulation 640,000 copies

Paintball stores in the U.S. Approximately 2,000

Paintball fields in the U.S. Approximately 1,400

Number of players worldwide More than 16,000,000

Number of competing teams in the U.S. 7,600

Number of paintball web sites 5,000

Countries where paintball is played 140

Number of paintball items listed on Ebay 3,600

Number of series' or league events in U.S. 325

Paint markers sold in the U.S. per month Approximately 200,000

Universities with paintball clubs/programs 175

Paintball is a profitable business. Get in on the fun while the sport is still relatively new!

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The industry has grown ever sense the 1980s. In the prime years it was worth well over a billion. Today it has dropped slightly due to the economy.

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Q: How much money is the paintball industry worth now?
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The paintball industry as of 2008 is worth over 1 billion. Though with the recent economic times, there have been some changes. High priced markers have not sold well. The NPPL went bankrupt. There things have brought the vauly down a bit.

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