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Q: How much money is a dirt bike?
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Related questions

How much money does a dirt bike driver make?

Millions of millions of dollars

How much money does a dirt bike racer make at 1 race?

$500,000,000 it is crazy

What is the name of Justin Bieber's bike?

Justin Bieber's bike is a dirt bike. On the dirt bike it has a picture of him and his ex girlfriend. The dirt bike cost $10,000 which is a lot of money. The speed of this bike is 9 miles for 30 minutes.

What can you do if you don't have enough money to by a new 250 dirt bike?

Buy a USED 250 dirt bike.

How much money does a profecional dirt bike racer make?

around $5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

How do by a dirt bike?

Just save your money and look for a decent used bike for a first bike. There are lots of good used dirt bikes if you know what to look at when buying a bike.

How much oil for 2009 Honda 80cc dirt bike?

how much engine oil goes in an 80cc dirt bike

How much do dirt bike suits cost?

Dirt bike gear is very expensive equipment. The average dirt bike suit can cost anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars.

How much dirt bike helmets cost?

How much d dirt bike. Helmets cost

How much is a125 dirt bike?

There different rates of different dirt bike the starting price is 850$-1880$.

How much money do freestyle dirt bike riders make?

if your one of the best who is always in competitions then around 15 million?

How much is a dirt bike?

A dirt bike can have a price range depending on how good it is for a small bike $570 large your looking at about $99,99.

How much money could i get for scrapping a dirt bike?

Depends on how much scrap is at the time but at most like 9 dollars you would get more if u sold it

How much would a dirt bike cost?

A dirt bike would cost about 100 dollars in MX vs. ATV untamed.

Is an Apollo dirt bike worth the money?

Noo, we the people is much bettrr, Apollo is a cheap brand look into more expensive bikes

Differences between mountain bike and dirt bike?

a dirt bike has a motor mountain biking is arguably more "connected" to the trail and nature. it can also require much more excercise. a mountain bike is much lighter, and has less suspension travel dirt bikes are also more expensive, and require fuel decent dirt bike price= very good mountain bike price

How much do dirt bike brakes cost?

it all depends on the type of bike. Do you have one in mind? I'm not sure how much it cost but you should go into a local dirt bike shop and find out. I hope his helps

How much does it cost to get a corroborator cleaned for a dirt bike?

id do it for 50 dolars what is the bike

How much does it cost to build a pro freestyle dirt bike?

it will cost about 5,000 to 10,000 to build a successful dirt bike if you want to go pro

How do you choose a mountain cycle?

# how much money are you willing to spend # what kind of riding do you intend to do(DH, AM, XC, dirt) # what size bike do you need If you're uncertain, start off with a used bike. You'll lose less money that if you decide to switch to a bike more suited for another discipline later.

How can you find out what type of dirt bike you have?

Usually the name/brand of the dirt bike is written in rather large letters on both sides of the bike. The model will be written in much smaller letters near the rear tire of the bike.

How much does a dirt bike cost?

$200 to $800

How much does a dirt bike weight?

around 70kg

How much horse power is in a 50cc dirt bike?

About 2.5 hp

Can a pit bike do the same as a dirt bike?

Yes, but a pit bike has much small wheels so I would be careful.