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Over $85.56 million.

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Q: How much money is Tiger Woods paid a year?
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How much is Tiger Woods' endorsement with Nike worth?

Tiger Woods signed a deal that is worth 100 million paid over five years. Most industry insiders do not believe a golfer is worth that much money.

How is Tiger Woods a billionaire?

Because Woods is extremely good at golfing so he gets paid a lot of money.

How much did Tiger Woods pay Elin?

Tiger Woods paid his wife close to $100,000,000. He is also to pay Elin child support.

Who was the highest paid athlete on 2006?

tiger woods tiger woods

Tiger woods highest paid athlete in the world?

Why yes he is. He is an unstoppable money maker.

Does Tiger Woods get paid 418 million dollars?

Tiger woods gets paid 418 million dollars.

How much did Tiger Woods earn in 2008?

$110 Million from prize money and endorsements. This earned him the titles of the world's highest paid athlete in 2008.

How much will tiger woods pay in alimony?

He paid a lump sum of $100,000,000.00!

How much money does a professional athlete get paid for endorsements?

Tiger Woods is an extreme example - pulling in around $100 million - who endorses a wide variety of products.

How much does Tiger Woods get paid a week?

He doesn't get paid weekly, but he earn around $2 million a week.

How much money does Tiger Woods make an hour?

Consider that Tiger Woods income in 2008 was $110 million, he was the highest paid athlete in the world. So that is a mere $12,550 and hour. Also if you think that he took half the season out with injury he could have had a lot lot more.

Who was the highest paid athlete in 1975?

Tiger Woods

How much money does Tiger Woods get paid for endorsements?

1. Tiger Woods2007 endorsement income (est.): $100 million Tiger Woods is the closest thing the sports world has today to a superstar who transcends sports in the mold of Jordan or Ali, and he is the only one close to earning nine figures from endorsement deals.

Who earns more money Tiger Woods or Obama?

Barack Obama is currently paid $400,000 a year, with expense allowances of around $300,000 a year. In 2008 Tiger Woods earned $110,000,000 from on course earnings and endorsements, therefore he earns more money.

How much does Tiger Woods get paid?

In 2008 he earned $110 million from on course earnings and endorsements.

Who are the top paid men and women in sports?

The top paid man is Tiger Woods, and the top paid woman is Lorena Ochoa. Golf is a sport that gives out the most money.

What Tournaments paid Tiger Woods to enter?

Tiger Woods is basically paid huge appearance fees for playing at every event apart from The Majors and WGC events.

Who is the highest paid sportsman in America?

Tiger Woods, in 2008 he earned an estimated $110 million in prize money and endorsements.

Hightest paid golfer?

Answer by FutureLPGAgolferTiger WoodsThere is no "highest paid golfer" you must win to earn money, however, on the money list Tiger Woods is definitely number one, but the money he receives from winning is nothing compared to they money he receives from all his endorsements.

Who is the highest paid professional?

tiger woods

Who is the top paid golfer?

Tiger Woods.

Who is the highest paid athlete of 2012 Kobe Bryant lebron James Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods?

Tiger woods

How much does Tiger Woods earns?

In 2008 he earned $110 million. He was the highest paid sportsperson that year.

How much does Tiger Woods get paid for sports?

About $110 Million a year, probably more this year though.

Who is the highest paid athlete Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan?

Currently (2005), Tiger Woods is the highest paid athlete. Michael Jordan is the fourth. Hope this helps! Dr. B.